The hashtag #NiñoÑoqui began to be widely used on Twitter to refer to Thomas Massathe son of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, and the owner of Aysa Malena Galmariniwho was harshly questioned on social networks after announcing that he will go to Qatar to watch the Soccer World Cup 2022. “For all the idiots who say that ‘I went to Qatar with the people’s’ when, well, we already know that I came with Mundo Selección, I warn you that now we are making content in Abu DhabiIn a few days we are just going to Qatar”. World Selection is a means of communication created by the Argentine Football Association (AFA) in partnership with a company based in the United States, to generate content about the World Cup.

    Thousands of tweeters using the hashtag, criticizing the actions of the son of the Minister of Economy. Among them, the panelist Yanina Latorre: “I am going to take the audacity, two minutes, to talk about the son of the Minister of Economy, Mr. Massa, because the boy treated us as jerks and insulted us on social networks. And since we are paying him a job and a salary, let’s go to give an opinion”, Latorre began his defense. “Wouldn’t it be better for Massa’s son and his wife to stay in Argentina? The father put 20,000 taxes, they put the Quatar dollar, the tourist dollar (…) to prevent people from traveling and spending the card abroad because It’s supposed to be a lot of dollars that he loses. And Massa’s son is going to Quatar!? How is he going to eat!? How is he going to live!? He’s not going to use his credit card!? The Minister of Economy shouldn’t have to set an example and in any case the son should shut up and not insult us!?” asked Latorre, visibly furious. Latorre also fired at the journalist Diego Brancatelliwhom he also accused of traveling to Qatar for “being a Kirchnerist”.

    The journalist also joined the hashtag Osvaldo Bazan. “Don’t be fucked. Nobody thinks that #NiñoÑoqui has been hired because he is well-to-do. No one. But nobody, nobody, nobody, huh? No??; she ironized.

    The drawer Nik He also dedicated a tweet to Tomás Massa. “For YOU there are no dollars. For you, watching it on TV. For Massa’s son, dollars, Qatar, First bench ticket x AFA, YPF and AA. Vaccines, them first, VIP. Pandemic parties, they do, fuck you. Patrimony, they are millionaires, YOU are poor. Memory. #NinoNoqui“, tweeted the cartoonist. Likewise, the economist Diana Mondino added: “The same day that Massa’s son traveled first class to Qatar, 8-year-old Victor Barreto died while rummaging through the garbage to eat. They govern to travel first to the World Cup, at the expense of the people who stir up garbage to eat. #NinoNoquiMondino tweeted.

    In addition to prominent personalities, hundreds of tweeters joined the hashtag to express their outrage. “In the meantime Tomás Massa traveled in First Division to Qatarr. The money from our taxes destined for the VIP trip of Sergio Massa’s son and his friends ”,” Niño Ñoqui, more gnocchi than a child “, were some of the tweets. “Everything, absolutely all Kirchnerism is tongo and emptying”, “Dale Totito, with a little brain you know that you are not a genius of the networks or a great content generator. It is the title that your old people gave to the excuse to send you to the world with people’s twine, neither you nor we are so stupid. That is also STEALING, “added other indignant.

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