NFL Superstar Patrick “Gave Away” Replica Trophy

Patrick Mahomes won the coveted Vince Lombardy Trophy for the second time in this year’s Super Bowl. On a video, the Kansas City Chiefs NFL quarterback seems to be giving away the trophy. Has the trophy lost its appeal after just a few days?

In a short clip, Mahomes can be seen walking through the crowds during a parade with the Vince Lombardy Trophy. At the end, the playcaller poses with a fan, hands him his trophy and walks away.

The video caused a lot of amusement online. The satirical account @SharonSharpee tweeted: “This man Patrick Mahomes got so pissed off bro and gave the fan the Super Bowl trophy.” There were more jokes in the comments.

“Bills fans who watch a random guy get more Super Bowls than their entire organization,” said one user against the Buffalo Bills, who made four straight NFL finals in the 1990s without winning once.

NFL fan brings light into the darkness

By the way, Patrick Mahomes did not give away his original trophy to a random follower. He would probably have been reprimanded by his fellow players and his franchise for that.

The “given away” trophy was simply a replica, as Kansas City fan Vinnie Garofalo revealed to the “Daily Mail”.

“I own a Chiefs fan bar in Buffalo – Casey’s Black Rock – and have been his super Chiefs fan for over 30 years. I’ve decided to go to my second parade in four years and take my replica Lombardy Trophy with me.” , Garofalo clarified.

Before the Internet clip, which was later watched a million times, started, the bar owner gave his replica to some Chiefs players. “Mahomes then joined, took the trophy, walked around with it a bit, gave it to Kadarius Toney and then went back and took a selfie with me and then left,” Garofalo concluded.