Status: 21.11.2022 07:20 a.m

    the Kansas City Chiefs have a close NFL game against them Los Angeles Chargers won and improved their record to eight wins in ten games.

    Patrick Mahomes threw three at 30:27 touchdown-Pay attention Travis Kelce. Behind the Philly Eagles are the chiefs together with the Minnesota Vikings now second best team the US American football-League NFL – also because the Vikings a big smack against them Dallas Cowboys conceded.

    • 11th matchday
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    The 3:40 in front of their own fans was the end of a series of seven wins in a row. the Vikings now stand at eight wins and two losses.

    Jakob Johnson from Stuttgart had reason to celebrate with the Las Vegas Raiderswho in extra time a 22:16 against the Denver Broncos brought. A 35-yard touchdown-Pass from Derek Carr on Davante Adams made the third win of the season perfect.