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The massive power cuts ended with the temporary intervention of Edesur. Despite the problems caused by the lack of electricity in thousands of users and the fact that the company was even sued criminally, it is difficult to name the people behind the business. However, when looking at who sits at the table where decisions are made, characters linked to local power appear, particularly the opposition.

Edesur is part of the Italian holding In itand Distrilec Inversora SA.controls 56.3% of its capital. This company is managed by a board of directors made up of ten titular members: the president, Gonzalo Perez Moore; the vice, Claudio Cesar Wayne Da Cunha; and the headlines: Francesco Tutoli, Monica Diskin, big gabriel, Leonel Sanchez, Guillermo Pablo Reca, Victor Jose Diaz Bobillo, Andres Leonardo Vittone and Marcelo Suva. Their names cross on the boards of other companies in which they participate with each other and with other characters linked to power.

Of the total ten members of the board of directors of the most important shareholder of Edesur, six are that throughout the last decades have undertaken business together with businessmen and leaders. While some names go unnoticed, others are known in the red circle for their level of influence.

Peres Moore is an old partner of the caputo. With Jose Luis Caputo managed, since 2007, Sociedad de Energía SRL. With Nicholas Caputo, Mauricio Macri’s “soul brother”, has shared RPM Gas SRL since 2011 and, since 2014, RPBC Gas SA. In addition, in 2002 his name appeared as part of the Metrored Holding SA board of directors. next to Martin Ruete Aguirre and Cecilia Ruth Brookthe couple of alfredo leuco who was appointed to the Senate by gabriela michetti in the macrismo

diskinIn 2006, he was at Edesal SA together with Martin Ruete Aguirre -who was also in Metrored Holding SA-; Emilio Jorge Cardenas, former ambassador to the United Nations in the ’90s; and Mariano Florencio Grondona, the son of the journalist, who was appointed in 2016 as a member of the National Parks Administration. In that same year, he shared the board of directors of Edelar SA with Enrique Bruchouthe partner of Daniel Funes de Rioja

Reca is also a man close to the caputo. In 2005 she shared with Jose Luis the administration of Paragio SA. In addition, he was also part of the RPM Gas SRL board of directors, where he was Nicholas. In 2019 his name appears in KCR Pacheco SA together Maria Caputo, sonia maria and his own Nicholasalong with other people like Rolando Strazzolini -a recent associate of Marcos Galperin in an American rugby team- or Juan Martin Santagada.

Bobbin In 2006 he worked at Hidroinversiones SA together with Mary Caroline Sigwald -from Pampa Energía-. A few years earlier, at Energen SA, she shared a job with Hector Maria Huici, who since 2016 was Secretary of Information and Communication Technologies of the Ministry of Modernization and had previously been a Buenos Aires legislator for the PRO. Since 2023 he has been at Iversa SA together with Peres Moore, Nicholas Caputo, Rolando Strazzolini, Hernan Gabriel Pepa Furfaro -who is a member of NLPC SA, a trust in which he declared having invested Gustavo Arribasformer head of the macrista AFI-, Sebastian Loketek, Manuel Lucio Torino -brother-in-law of Pablo Clusellas, Macri’s former legal and technical secretary-, Sebastian Braun -cousin of the former chief of staff Marcos Pena– and Juan Martin Santagada -whose architecture studio was the visible face of the trust in which Arribas invested and which exploded at the media level when it was learned that the intention was to build a luxury building on land awarded by the State in the City-.

vittonefor his part, shared the board of directors of Agroamerican Group SA in 2008 with Gabriel Alexander Fidel, Mercosur parliamentarian for Cambiemos. In 2021 he formed Patagonia Farming SA together with daniel sorzinia businessman who was mentioned as one of the partners of Marcelo D’Alessio In a complaint filed by Elisa Carrió.

Edesur’s future is still uncertain. So far, it seems that it was managed by a club of macrista friends.

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