I started this marvelous and one-way path of financial planning and projection in the process of finding what I was looking for, financial independence that I clearly did not have at that time.

    Little by little I understood the importance of setting goals and objectives to reach in order to obtain the much talked about, and rightly so… Financial Freedom.

    What is Financial Freedom and how is it obtained?

    Before reaching Financial Freedom, we should have what is known as Financial Health.

    What is Financial Health, is a concept that refers to the balance between income, expenses and savings.

    In order to maintain that balance, we must spend less money than what we receive.

    When we manage to achieve it, that’s when we should take care of planning savings.

    First of all, create an Emergency Fund in which, at least, there are 6 months of your vital monthly expenses. This fund will respond when you, for reasons of your own or others, cannot do so.

    Secondly, we must plan for the long term, something really vital and very important for our Financial Freedom.

    Have you ever thought about how you are going to cover the income you sustain today when you reach retirement age? Did you know that only 4% of the world’s population will live on prior planning, while 61% will depend on family members?

    That is why long-term financial planning is vitally important. For this, there are various tools that will allow you to achieve all the economic goals that you set for yourself.

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