Gaston Dib, how were the beginnings of the venture and what functions do each of its members perform?

    We started with Gustavo Cotignola in the garage of my father’s house, we made only two models. At that time we bought 10 meters of fabric, we made three pieces of fabric, we delivered them and we bought again. We did everything except sew them.

    Currently we continue in the same way working as a team, now my son is in charge of social networks, he takes the photos, edits them, makes the videos and publishes them.

    For his part, Gustavo is in charge of manufacturing and delivering the products. I take care of the suppliers, the designs of new products and models.

    What services do you provide to the public?

    Previously we made only two models, the classic one that everyone knows, the pears and the typical BKF armchair. Little by little we were incorporating more models. We currently have the children’s line available, made up of soccer balls, basketball balls, car-shaped fiacas, slippers, bananas, and different types of armchairs. The adult branch is made up of a much wider range of armchairs, large, small and medium, for different types of spaces.

    The star of the fiacas is the Modena family, they come in three sizes, the baby and the one-body, both are for adults, but one is for smaller spaces, and the one we call XL, that is for two people. The one I particularly like the most is Venice.

    Currently, large companies call us to ask us for fiacas with their logos for events. We always incorporate new models and new types of fabric, analyzing what to do, what is missing and what customers ask for.

    Whichever one the customer chooses can be ordered in different types of fabric. We use suede corduroy, eco-leather and a velvety eco-leather.

    For its part, we have a showroom where customers can visit us and see our models.

    What designs are you dabbling in?

    We are designing a chair that when the person sits down, it expands. Details are missing only to show it to the public and put it up for sale.

    What are their goals ahead?

    The same ones that we had from the beginning, to continue working as we have been doing since 2005, always trying to innovate, to improve day by day, to give the client the opportunity to have one, since an armchair is quite expensive, this is a very good alternative.

    Contact information:

    Instagram: @gyg_fiacas


    Telephone: 4686-2840

    WhatsApp: 11-4162-2695

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