Two years after the art theft from the Singer Laren museum, a photo of the stolen painting by Van Gogh has resurfaced. It is an encrypted photo that was sent to the museum by email.

    The stolen Van Gogh and the work of Frans Hals are still missing. There were several signs of life from the Van Gogh in the past year, photos appeared before in June 2020 of the stolen work. It was soon suspected that the work is in the hands of criminals, so that it can be used in negotiations for a reduced sentence.

    That reports the Telegraph Today. “An encrypted e-mail has indeed been sent with a photo of the Van Gogh. We have every reason to assume that it is really about the work,” said the director of the Groninger Museum, the owner of the painting, to the newspaper. .

    Eight years in prison

    Nils M. (59) was sentenced last year to eight years in prison for robbing two world-famous paintings. Besides the artwork ‘Spring Garden’ by Vincent van Gogh, he also stole the artwork ‘Two Laughing Boys’ by Frans Hals from the Hofje van Aerden in Leerdam.

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