Paolo called at 1 by the Magic. From the Dolce & Gabbana dress to the blue promise: all about her Draft

    First choice, it becomes the Hollywood finale of a day really full of emotions, the one that officially makes the former Duke star Paolo Banchero land in the NBA. In one of the most difficult draft to read in recent years, the name of the blue in the early morning had jumped in the eyes of all the insiders with the Las Vegas bookmakers who had radically changed the odds, giving as the first favorite ” pick ”in the NBA draft just Banchero. But as the hours went by, the situation seemed to return to the one hypothesized by the experts: Jabari Smith in Orlando, Chet Holmgren in Oklahoma City and Banchero in Houston. Less than half an hour after Orlando’s call, here are the new rumors that Banchero would be back on track for the first overall choice. A drastic change after weeks of convergence on the “Top 3” of the Lottery.


    A real rollercoaster of emotions, therefore, for Banchero, who was then awarded the best gift: Adam Silver who was the first to pronounce his name in the 2022 draft. Paolo arrives very early at the Barclays Center, showing off a Dolce and Gabbana (by The his intention to play for the national team. “I want to thank the Italian fans, I felt their love and support all season. I repeat that I will play for the national team, not this summer but next. A promise? Sure, rest assured “. Banchero’s word, then. Father Mario is more excited than him at the table reserved for the player in the “green room” under the stage, with the whole family. “It’s all beautiful – says Mario Banchero – seeing your child receive such an opportunity is all a parent can wish for. We haven’t been to Italy yet but we will go there next summer: for me it is wonderful to be able to explore, together with Paolo, the roots of our family ”. I hug her on stage with the commissioner, the tears and the strong emotion of all the blue entourage.


    An evening impossible to forget for Paolo Banchero. “It’s not even a dream – confesses the new Magic player -, it’s something bigger. I was hoping to be able to make it to the NBA, I never imagined becoming the absolute first choice. This is why I got so excited, I have never cried in my life until tonight. When did I find out that I was going to Orlando with the first choice? Honestly, only 20 seconds before the commissioner said my name. This is one of the best moments of my life, I’ll give my all for the Magic ”. An absolute first choice “blue”, then 16 years after Andrea Bargnani? “Well honestly, to define myself like this is not very fair towards Andrea Bargnani – Banchero concludes – he was born and raised in Italy, I in Seattle. But I am still very proud to be able to represent Italy in the NBA ”. Truly an unforgettable evening for the whole Banchero family. Next stop: Orlando.