Navratilova: ‘I was cured of a double cancer’

The champion told in an interview that she had eradicated the disease announced at the beginning of the year: “When I found out I panicked”

She never wanted to give up victory and especially this time, in the most important battle, the one for life. Martina Navratilova, nine-time Wimbledon champion and former number 1 in the world, a true legend, revealed to the British journalist Piers Morgan that she was cured of cancer. Navratilova told the British Times earlier this year that she had been diagnosed with two forms of cancer, throat and breast, 13 years after recovering from cancer, also in the breast.

Difficult cures

The former tennis player, now 66, said the diagnosis came after she realized she had an enlarged lymph node in her neck last November. The discovery of the disease, Navratilova said, had forced her to suspend plans to adopt a child with her wife Julia Lemigova. Now the doctors have told her that she is cured: “After the diagnosis I was in total panic for three days thinking that I would not make it to next Christmas – says Navratilova -. A list of things that I wanted to do if I really only lived a year.” Now for the champion two more weeks of breast radiation therapy: “The treatment is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.”