Napoli-Rome, Mourinho fury on the referees: “They took away our right to win games”

The Giallorossi coach: “Zanoli is missing red and a penalty on Zaniolo. In this final, errors against those who play for the Scudetto are not the only decisive factor. Today I was ashamed”

When El Shaarawy put the 1-1 ball into the goal in the 91st minute, José Mourinho sprinted and yelled “that’s right, that’s right”. Difficult to blame him. In the second half, while Napoli was deflating, it was his Roma that built the best scoring chances. And in the end it was Roma that came close to winning.

hard mou

The poison, in Mou’s statements, is at the end, when he asks Dazn reporters for two minutes to say what he thinks about today’s refereeing, but – more generally – about what happened this year with the referees. “There are teams that play to win the Scudetto, we don’t. But we have the right to play to win games. Today it seemed to me that no, we didn’t have the right to win this match. I read somewhere that the championship does will decide on the mistakes or not of the referees with the three in front, but I say that you decide even if someone makes a mistake against the opponents of the three in front. At some point in today’s game I was ashamed to be there. In the first half the yellow was not given in Zanoli he is yellow in all fields of the world, with that of the second half it would have been expulsion. The penalty not whistled at Zaniolo is a penalty, but nothing. But there is more, much more … say enough, a little respect. We work hard, I want to have the right to play to win. We weren’t good enough in some moments of the championship and we can’t win the Scudetto, but I want to have the right to be able to win a game and, for me, in some moments this right has been taken away from me. “

the analysis

Before the final outburst, it was clear from a few sentences where the Giallorossi coach would go to parry. “The final exultation is because during the match it seemed impossible to get out of this stadium with a positive result. My team played very well and grew during the match, but I had the feeling that it would be difficult, almost impossible to go out with. a positive result. My team was fantastic, fantastic. After the game on Thursday, the pitch here in Naples looked like Everest. Great quality, great character, incredible physical and mental condition. We wanted more, but we did what it was possible”. Mkhitaryan’s entry is decisive. “He always plays, he is never injured or disqualified, I thought he could do something for us in the second half, but doing 90 minutes and 12 and a half kilometers as he always does was tough. I repeat: fantastic team, who are having an incredible moment. I have tremendous pride in these guys. ”