Naples, all the names for the bench: Italian, Thiago Motta, Sergio Conceicao

The Luis Enrique track interrupted, the club is looking for a 4-3-3 coach and counts the candidates for the bench: pros and cons of all the names still in play

Much of the identikit has been traced. The words of Aurelio De Laurentiis to Rai mark the path within which he will move in the search for the next coach. Starting from the economic aspect. “Luis Enrique prefers the Premier League, there are more attractive offers there.” The ceiling for each registered player, barring exceptions, is 3.5 million per season and the goal is not to exceed this threshold. Then, in parallel, there is also the tactical question. Napoli has no intention of making another revolution after last summer’s, so they want a coach who has game concepts similar to Spalletti’s or who can easily adapt to the human material available. The president put it bluntly: “We are evaluating coaches for the 4-3-3 with our extraordinary players who we want to keep. I have evaluated a dozen profiles who can try their hand at this module and I will choose the best one to continue the cycle.” ”.

sergio conceiçao

In the last few hours, the name of Sergio Conceiçao has taken off, which De Laurentiis had already analyzed in depth two years ago, before leaning towards Spalletti. Compared to 2021, this time the Porto coach would more easily leave the Primeira Liga to return to Serie A, where he played with Lazio and Inter. Tactically, his ideas are a bit distant from the 4-3-3, he generally opts for a very compact 4-4-2 which in Italy made his time, although it has made all the teams in our football suffer at various European crossroads. Furthermore, he has an important preparation and the quality of the squad is high, so the prerequisites for doing a good job would certainly be there.

Italian and Thiago Motta

Vincenzo Italiano remains one of the most viable options. De Laurentiis appreciates him as a coach and Fiorentina’s path in the Conference League is one more reason to feel attracted. The president dreams of a more competitive Naples in the international arena, after winning the Scudetto, and Italiano has shown that he is up to a similar task. Relations with Fiorentina and with Commisso are excellent, which is why in all likelihood he will wait for the Viola to play in the cup final, before possibly embarking on this discussion. Thiago Motta is also highly regarded. In Bologna he found an optimal dimension, but he is ambitious and will discuss with the club to see if they are on the same wavelength. Otherwise he will look around, there are prospects in France too.

other tracks

Other secondary options concern young and emerging Serie A coaches, such as Alessio Dionisi and Paolo Zanetti. However, the former is about to sign the contract renewal with Sassuolo and it is difficult to imagine such a sudden turnaround in the coming days, the latter is one of the figures examined even if it does not seem particularly viable. Rafa Benitez remains in the background, but De Laurentiis’ list certainly doesn’t end there. And for someone used to making movies, the twist can always be around the corner.