Nadia Moussaid, the new eve star of NPO 1, has been badly beaten at the talk show table of her upcoming competitor HLF8. “This is not a bubbly personality or anything. She’s a bit naughty.”

    © HLF8, VPRO

    She has been chosen to replace the talk show M of presenter Margriet van der Linden: Nadia Moussaid. The presenter will be seen daily in the spring with the talk show Nadia, right opposite HLF8 on SBS 6. It was precisely in that program that the table guests and presenter were very negative about their new competitor last night.

    ‘Good luck’

    Presenter Sam Hagens broached the subject with his guests. “Catherine, just a second: Nadia, we have Khalid & Sophie, we have Eva, Beau, me. In the end, we are all your children.”

    Catherine: “Hahaha, oh yes! I am the primeval mother!”

    Sam: “Actually yes. The talk show queen. Nadia Moussaid gets a talk show on NPO 1. A very important time: seven o’clock. What do you think about it?”

    Catherine measuredly: “Well, I wish her luck anyway.”

    ‘little nothing’

    Sam: “Philemon, what do you think?”

    Filemon Wesselink does give Sam the expected, negative answer. “Well, actually very little. I just don’t feel that way about it. She’s already done it once. It was fun and nice.”

    Catherine: “Yes, but not shockingly.”

    Filemon: “The press release was also: ‘Many people speak on many different topics.’”

    Sam thinks that’s cliché. “Yes, a little open doors maybe.”

    Philemon: “A bit fuzzy.”

    Not sparkling

    Table guest Wierd Duk is not impressed either. “Exactly what Philemon says, actually. I also wonder, after what I have seen of her, whether she is the one who so easily enters into a conversation with all kinds of people from different backgrounds and different intentions.”

    He continues: “I think she’s good, but I don’t think she’s a very vibrant personality or anything like Sonja Barend used to be. There was always commotion on that show. That is apparently what you want: commotion at seven o’clock in the evening, but whether she is the right person.”

    “Give a chance!”

    Lisa Westerveld, who is a member of the House of Representatives for GroenLinks, is a little more lenient. “It remains to be seen, isn’t it? Give her a chance!”

    The first episode of the new talk show Nadia is on Monday 1 May.