The mother of Gino van der Straeten (9), who was murdered in June, was found dead in her home in Maastricht on Tuesday evening.

    Judy op het Veld, spokeswoman for the family, confirms this. According to the police, the woman was not killed by a crime. Partly for this reason, she will not make any further announcements about this. She died of natural causes, a spokeswoman for the family said.

    The spokeswoman called the mother’s death “terrible” for both Gino sisters. She said the mother was “extremely saddened” by the death of her son.

    After the body of Gino’s mother was found on Tuesday evening, the police investigated her home in Maastricht.

    “It is hard to imagine what that is like for her two daughters. First their little brother, now their mother. Indescribable,” continues Op het Veld. “I understand that people are looking for information, perhaps out of a certain sensationalism, but also give this family the peace and time to give these terrible events a place.”

    ‘Another funeral’

    The foundation On behalf of the Family assisted Gino’s mother and both sisters. The spokeswoman calls the mother’s death “terrible” for both Gino sisters. She said the mother was “extremely saddened” by the death of her son.

    “This is indescribable,” she said. “Gino’s death is still so fresh, what do you do when you hear this. Another farewell and a funeral. In addition, the second proforma hearing surrounding Gino’s death is approaching. This is a very bad time for the daughters of the mother, sisters of Gino.”

    Donny M.

    On December 5, the second non-substantive, preparatory session around the suspect of the murder, kidnapping and abuse of Gino, Donny M. The 9-year-old Gino disappeared on June 1 while playing football outside in Kerkrade. His body was found a few days later behind a burnt-out house in Geleen. The 22-year-old M. was arrested just before the discovery in his home, near the location of Gino.

    During the first non-substantive hearing in this case on September 14, the court had Gino’s mother removed from the courtroom because she became too emotional. She started screaming when the Public Prosecution Service reported exactly what M. is being prosecuted for, namely kidnapping, administering drugs, abusing, assaulting and then murdering the boy.

    The mother was led out of the room after her outburst and decided to leave the court. At the end of the session, a sister of Gino yelled at the suspect: “I will have you someday.”