More than 1.2 thousand “terrorists” and looters were detained in Alma-Ata – RBK

Law enforcement officials in Alma-Ata detained 1,237 people who are accused of participating in acts of terrorism, looting and other crimes. This was reported by the commandant’s office of the city, transfers publication of in Telegram.

Authorities also seized 31 firearms and 1,428 ammunition. The Medeusky, Auzovsky and Alatau districts, as well as the residential area adjacent to the city airport and the Ozhet microdistrict “have been cleared of bandit groups,” the commandant’s office said.

In addition, 38 people were detained by security officials at checkpoints.

“A huge flock of hyenas”: statements by Putin, Tokayev and Lukashenko about Kazakhstan

Since the beginning of the year, protests have continued in Kazakhstan, caused by a sharp rise in the cost of liquefied gas. It is actively used as a vehicle fuel. Demonstrations soon escalated into riots and fighting with law enforcement officials.

Alma-Ata authorities announced that “highly organized gangs are rampaging” in the city and announced the start of a special operation. Kazakh President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev ordered security officials to open fire without warning. he also rejected the possibility of negotiating with the protesters, explaining that negotiating with “criminals, murderers” would be “stupidity.” “Whoever does not surrender will be destroyed,” he concluded.


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