Monza-Cremonese 1-1: goals from Ciofani and Carlos Augusto

The Brianza players go down, but react and find a match with the Brazilian. Ballardini’s team thanks also to the super performance of Carnesecchi snatches a point which, however, is of little use in terms of salvation

by our correspondent Matteo Brega

March 18th
– Monza

It ends 1-1 between Monza and Cremonese, goals from Ciofani and Carlos Augusto decide in the heart of the second half.


All according to the forecasts on the eve at Monza with Sensi moved to play the attacking midfielder alongside Caprari in the 3-4-2-1. Many changes instead as regards Cremonese with Ballardini who kept the choices covered until the end. Out of Buonaiuto and Benassi, the team settled with the 3-5-2 and not the assumed 3-4-3. First ring in the Brianza area in the 5th minute: corner by Ciurria and header by Petagna who goes high not by much. Monza is more concrete than the Cremonese at the start. In the 14th minute, a long-worked ball from the Brianza area on the trocar is ignited by Petagna who puts Izzo on goal with a sudden and ingenious play. The defender, however, had the shot saved by Carnesecchi, good outgoing. The Cremonese did not leave strong impressions in the first part of the race. Monza keeps balls, builds and also comes out well ball and chain. Like in the 20th minute when Machin throws Izzo into space on the right – with Ciurria entering the field who opens up the space to the right centre-back -, a perfect cross for Carlos Augusto who forces Carnesecchi to make a complicated save when diving. The pressure from Palladino’s team rises. Combination on the left that leads Carlos Augusto to cross low for Petagna who turns first towards the goal finding Vasquez’s back who denies him the goal. The presence of the Cremonese is manifested in the 27th minute with a cross from very far away from Sernicola who catches Galdames: high header. At the end of the half Pessina recovers the ball from the outgoing Cremonese, ball inside for Caprari who chooses the right foot, wide ball. Before the break, another chance for Monza. Ciurria kicks at Carnesecchi from a good position, then Petagna is deflected for a corner kick. First half without goals, but the regrets are all from Monza for the evident overall superiority.


Precisely for this reason, the first tricks are by Ballardini who leaves Tsadjout and Sernicola in the locker room for Ciofani and Castagnetti. Pickel slips to the right, Castagnetti becomes the playmaker and Ciofani takes on the role of the offensive reference in the grey-red 3-5-2 (on the pitch with a celebratory kit for the 120th anniversary of the club, with no sponsors and no names on the back). The start of the recovery is stamped by Cremonese. Okereke’s right foot served by Meitè, central conclusion. Less pressure from Brianza and more space for Ballardini’s team who tries on 11′ with Ciofani (top right). It was clear that Monza was getting lower. Confirmation arrives in the 16th minute. Pablo Marì goes ball and chain badly serving Machin who covers it badly, Castagnetti recovers it, one-two with Galdames and Castagnetti sends Ciofani on goal. Touch below and goal of the Cremonese advantage. Palladino intervenes immediately: inside Ranocchia, Antov and Mota Carvalho for Izzo, Machin and Caprari. The equalizer came in the 24th minute: a rebound favored Monza on the right, Ciurria hit the back, crossed and found Carlos Augusto at the far post who overtook Carnesecchi with his left foot. On 35′ double chance for Ranocchia: first Carnesecchi rejects, then chooses a high solution. Monza pushed and in the 45th minute went close to scoring with Colpani. Mota Carvalho breaks through on the left, a cross for the head of number 28 who misses the target. It ends 1-1, a draw that doesn’t change their respective ambitions.