Anyone who has not booked a Prime subscription from Amazon pays shipping costs for orders below a certain value. This limit was previously 29 euros, but the online retailer has now raised it to 39 euros.

    The minimum order value for free delivery at Amazon has been 29 euros for years and applies to all customers without a Prime subscription. But already in the past week, various reports have suggested that Amazon could possibly increase the value soon. Now the change seems official. On the Help page for shipping costs and deliveries Amazon lists a minimum order value of 39 euros.

    Free shipping on Amazon in the future only from 39 euros

    Amazon raises minimum order value to 39 euros. Photo: Screenshot TECHBOOK via Amazon

    Amazon is always testing new or slightly different offers. Perhaps it was also a test that the minimum order value for free delivery was briefly raised in mid-February. The price list showed the minimum order value of 39 euros for some time. That’s an increase of a whopping 34 percent over the regular value. On the same day, Amazon corrected the information for free delivery back to the original price of 29 euros.

    So the confusion was great. Many wondered if the value had been raised accidentally. Apparently not, as it turns out. Amazon now officially lists 39 euros as the minimum order value for free shipping. All customers whose order total is less than this and who have not taken out a Prime subscription with Amazon pay 3.99 euros for standard delivery within two working days – media deliveries and deliveries to Amazon Locker excluded. Orders containing a book, an audio book or a calendar are still free of charge. So far, many have also used the opportunity to reach 29 euros with the help of filling products and thus save on shipping costs. With the increase, however, this has become a lot more difficult.

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    Lots of movement at Amazon

    A higher minimum order value is not only a severe blow for Amazon customers, who have already had to accept some deterioration in the past few weeks and months. Due to price increases in many areas, the company recently made the Prime subscription and Amazon Music more expensive and said goodbye to services that were underused or were inefficient. However, the last increase in the minimum order value for free delivery was several years ago – in 2014 Amazon raised the value from 20 euros to 29 euros.