Mina’s cat rescued from a tree after days at a height of fifteen meters

Apu, Mina’s cat, has been away from home in Zwaag for twelve days. Mina heard Apu meowing all the time, but couldn’t find him anywhere until a neighbor from the street suddenly saw him sitting from her balcony. Apu sat in a tree fifteen meters above the ground. Finally managed to get him out.

The neighbor called the fire brigade and they tried to get Apu down around 9.30 this morning. “The aerial platform could not reach it properly,” says a spokesperson for the safety region. “And when the aerial platform came closer, the cat climbed even higher up the tree.”

So the fire brigade left and Apu was still in the tree. Tonight we managed to get the cat out of the tree. “Thanks to the help of an angel,” writes Mina on Facebook. Her daughter says she is very happy that Apu is back home.

Mina says she never expected Apu to be in the tree. “He’s a year old now, so he’s still very playful, but he’s not good at climbing at all. So I hadn’t looked in trees either. I heard him meow, but couldn’t find him.”

Mina has no idea why the cat has climbed the tree now. “Normally when he’s out, he comes back every now and then for a treat or shows his face for a while.”

She does not know how long he has been there, but is worried and secretly hopes that he has been able to catch a bird so that he has something to eat.

New rescue attempt

When the fire brigade failed, Mina didn’t know how to get Apu back down. “Because it climbs with difficulty, I don’t expect it to come down itself. I’m at my wits’ end.”

The fire brigade advised Mina this morning to call in a tree expert. “Tomorrow I will call the green space of the municipality, because they sometimes prune the trees. They might be able to reach them,” she said this afternoon. Now that Apu is out of the tree, that is no longer necessary.