If all goes well, the multi-million project against flooding in Norg-West will only start after the construction period in 2023. This became apparent tonight during a walk-in evening for residents of the district. The sewer was originally supposed to be started last August, but last month it turned out that the multi-million project has been postponed. This is because something went wrong during the preparations.

    During the meeting, the residents mainly wanted to know what went wrong. Project leader Riets Turkstra of the Noordenveld municipality says that old arrow data has been used. “The calculations were made on the old data, so all calculations are not correct. They have to be made again. That takes a lot of time. In addition, it is even more important that we do not yet know the exact cause of the nuisance. If we both know that, then a new puzzle can be made.”

    Turkstra does have an idea about that cause. “It probably means that all the water goes to Norg-West. That is the lowest point of the village, because Norg is on a hill.” The council will now investigate this thoroughly.

    Aiming for construction industry 2023

    Due to the mistakes made and the extra work, it is still unclear when the new sewer plan will be presented. Turkstra hopes that they can start after the construction period of 2023, but that can also be later. That depends on whether the municipality also has to redo investigations in the prescribed building protocol.

    Turkstra: “This is the case, for example, if the new sewer system follows a different route or if pipes are placed deeper. Then monitoring wells and height bolts are placed again and it is examined what the soil looks like in those places. Then it can be another to take a year and a half.”

    Costs are going up

    The renovation of the sewerage system in Norg-West will continue in any case, says alderman Kirsten Ipema (Municipality of Noordenveld). “It is now more a matter of time. We have to wait for the new drawings and then we can start.”

    It is not yet entirely clear whether the project will turn out to be much more expensive. “With all the rising prices today, we can’t say yet what it will cost extra. If it is really much more than the budgeted cost, then it has to be approved again by the city council. But for now we can’t say yet. how or what.”

    Million dollar project

    Last year, the city council approved an investment of 2.8 million. In the meantime, it appears that the plan will become 1.1 million euros more expensive due to the increased prices. And that could become even more so.

    If the budget is exceeded, this will not be at the expense of the work above ground, emphasizes Ipema. “Those plans have already been approved. So they will continue, but you have to work underground before you can work above ground.”

    Flooding a thing of the past

    The sewer must be replaced, because the neighborhood has been struggling with flooding for years. Wietze de Wit of the Norg-West platform also experienced this. “I myself also had the water in my living room during a heavy rain shower. Now I no longer live there, but my son does.”

    He himself remains positive. “I think it’s a great plan and it should be done. Flooding has been a problem in the neighborhood for a long time and it’s great that the municipality is going to do something about it.”

    In addition to better arranging rainwater drainage, Norg-West is also getting a makeover. There will be more greenery and it will become a more sustainable neighbourhood. These are the activities that take place above ground.