Loan with right of purchase for the Moroccan from Chelsea: 15 million deal. Renewal of Rafa, there is trust

    In forty-eight hours the paths of Hakim Ziyech and Rafael Leao will cross in Doha: the fate of the World Cup will separate them after just one game, that of Milan will be able to bring them together for many, many more. Because the Devil wants to fly towards the Scudetto and the Champions League, and without wings you can’t fly: once the World Cup has been archived, the attack for the couple at high speed will start. Leao is the jewel to be armored with a renewal that Rafa and Milan can’t wait to discuss, Ziyech is the arrow that in via Aldo Rossi they have been counting on inserting on the right for unsuspecting times: after the flirtations of the past, the project can go through in January.