Microsoft after a cyber attack reported malware on Ukrainian sites – RBC

Microsoft reported, which revealed “signs of an operation using destructive malware” against several sites of Ukrainian organizations, including government ones.

The software “looks like ransomware, but without a ransom mechanism,” the company said, and is used to disrupt systems that have been attacked, not to demand payments. Microsoft has recorded signs of the attack “in dozens of systems”, first appearing on January 13th.

“We are aware of current geopolitical developments in Ukraine and the region,” the company said in a statement. She urged organizations affected by the malware to investigate the incident.

Microsoft did not speculate about who was behind the attack.

A cyberattack on the websites of state structures of Ukraine occurred on the night of January 14th. The SBU reported that about 70 portals were hacked, while their content was not damaged and personal data was not leaked.



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