In Mexico, a former general of the Mexican army has been arrested on suspicion of having been involved in the disappearance of 43 Mexican students in 2014, Mexican Deputy Security Minister Ricardo Mejía announced on Thursday. during a press conference.

    Mejía did not explicitly mention who it was, but only mentioned during the conference that the commander of the army base in Iguala was arrested in 2014. At that time it was Rodriguez Pérez, who later rose to General.

    Pérez’s arrest comes nearly three weeks after Deputy Interior Minister Alejandro Ecinas said there was evidence that six of 43 students detained for several days in a warehouse at the army base in Iguala before ordering them to be pre-murdered. According to sources Perez turned himself in to the police.

    Last month, former top prosecutor Jesús Murillo was arrested because he is also linked to the disappearance of the students. He was arrested at his home in Mexico City after a detailed report was released by a specially appointed truth commission. Maurillo, as a former prosecutor, would have hindered the investigation into the disappearance.

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    the missing

    In September 2014, 43 students who were training to be teachers disappeared in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero. They were on their way to Mexico City. Only three of them have bodies found. Until now, it has never been entirely clear what exactly happened. The students may have been kidnapped by local police officers, who mistook them for gang members. The disappearance would then have been covered up by the then government.