09/18/2022 at 00:28


    The objective is “to participate as direct interlocutors with their own voice in Europe”, in the words of the president of Melilla, Eduardo Castro

    The Autonomous City of Melilla will have “very soon” orheadquartered in Brusselswithin the scope of the Permanent Representation of Spain to the European Union (REPER)to be more visible and make your voice reach Europe.

    This has been announced by the president of Melilla, Eduardo Castro, during his speech at the institutional act of Melilla Dayin which the 525th anniversary of its foundation as a Spanish city was celebrated, in which the Melilla Gold Medals were awarded to former national basketball coach Javier Imbroda, and Melillan artist Carlos Baeza.

    De Castro has justified the need for Melilla to have “a physical space where the most difficult decisions are made” because the city “is a nerve center, historical, cultural, humanitarian, commercial, border and geopolitical of the first order & rdquor; and having that office is “crucial & rdquor; for your future.

    As he explained, “they are very advanced” the steps to open this office, which have been carried out with the Spanish ambassador to the European UnionMark Alonsoand with the Secretary of State for the EU, Pascual Navarro.

    In addition to the opening of a representative office in Brussels “to participate as direct interlocutors with their own voice in Europe”De Castro has listed other objectives, such as being a member of the European Committee of the Regions and asserting its status as a “cross-border and insular region.”

    Also achieve a special European economic regime for Ceuta and Melilla, bet on the permanent presence of the European border agency Frontex for a european border control Morocco and participate in the Conference for Matters Related to the European Communities.

    “They are all objectives that we have to achieve, because Europe extends to our border. Because we are the extension of the continent on african soil. Because we defend, within our historical and inalienable Spanishness, a Europeanist Melilla in a unique enclave & rdquor ;, De Castro has made clear.

    In addition to Europe, De Castro has dedicated a large part of his speech to criticizing the management of the previous government and to extol the “indisputable change & rdquor; that he claims to have achieved his in this legislature, in which he has recognized errors and a “wear & rdquor; for “a relentless pandemic, both personally and professionally & rdquor ;.

    “Today Melilla is a better city”has sentenced its president, who has also taken advantage of his speech to congratulate the winners of the Gold Medal and to remember the victims of the pandemic, to whom tribute has been paid during the institutional act.

    Before, DeCastro has participated in the traditional floral offering to Pedro de Estopiñán together with the Government delegate, Sabrina Moh, and the general commander, Luis Sáez Rocandio, an act that was not attended by the deputies of the Coalition for Melilla (CPM), the main party of the Government of the Autonomous City.