Maxime Meiland causes a lot of unrest about her financial well-being. She would currently take about one and a half to two tons a year, but her new mortgage is sky-high. “It is enough?”

    © Tom Cornelissen

    The sympathetic journalists of gossip magazine Weekend are very concerned about Maxime Meiland’s finances. She is moving for the second time in a short time to an even more expensive home. She has, with reservations, bought a villa for 2.3 million euros. But is she good at this?

    Mega mortgage

    De Weekend wonders very much. “After all, with the increased mortgage interest, it is becoming an expensive joke. If she fixes the interest for ten years, she will end up with gross housing costs of no less than 12,000 euros per month, which is still 9,900 euros net, just under 120,000 euros per year.”

    A considerable amount of mortgage payments. Now she manages that thanks to her lucrative TV work. “The Meiland family seems to receive 50,000 euros per episode for their reality series and Maxime gets her share of it.”

    Two tons

    Maxime also occasionally dabbles with campaigns on Instagram. What does her annual income amount to? “She is estimated to earn between 150,000 and 200,000 euros a year. She apparently assumes that this will remain the case for a while.”

    But what if Chateau Meiland’s success declines? “If there is a hitch and she can no longer pay the monthly costs, she may think about this: then I will sell the house again. But if prices suddenly drop sharply, her villa could be ‘underwater’.”


    De Weekend is really very concerned about whether Maxime will be okay. “If she then has to sell because she can no longer pay the monthly costs, she will have a high residual debt. If she cannot pay it, it could lead to personal bankruptcy.”

    And Maxime is certainly not waiting for bankruptcy. Although she can record a season of Chateau Bijstand that has not been staged.

    For sale

    Maxime’s current home is for sale: