Markus Vuorela and Lauri Lepistö share a common hotel room at the Tour de Ski.

    The Finnish skiers at the Tour de Ski in Italy’s Val di Fiemme sleep in their own hotel rooms for health and safety reasons, not counting the two Lords.

    Jämin Jänte’s friends Markus Vuorela and Lauri Lepistö want to share the same cabin.

    – We get along so well that we are alone. We share the same diseases, Vuorela grins.

    To clarify, it is not a question of a pair of bulls. Vuorela is dating a biathlete Erika Jänkän with.

    Back to the business.

    About the members of the Finnish Tour team Ville Ahonen contracted corona in Oberstdorf and Jasmi Joensuu for a stomach bug in Val di Fiemme.

    – With “Lepi” we have avoided diseases on the Tour de Ski. There aren’t the strictest snitchers. You sometimes have to go through resistance yourself, Vuorela comments.

    The border guard has three vaccines and was sick with corona last April.

    – When even more important competitions approach, health and safety activities need to be refined.

    In Friday’s traditional sprint, Vuorela was 28th.

    – Good and bad. The final straight was bad, so it didn’t warm up anymore. For the time trial, I changed to a slightly more grippy ski, but I should have invested in the glide. It would have been nice if we had competed on the old men’s track – this was 300-400 meters shorter than before.


    Jussi Saarinen

    The skiers wear the mask in different ways at the Tour de Ski when they are in media interviews. Collectively, it can be said that all Swedes wear masks, but otherwise the athletes follow their own judgment.

    From the Finnish team Kerttu in Niskase always has a mask on.

    – I have been very careful throughout the season, Niskanen states.

    He has not yet contracted the corona virus. Also Krista Pärmäkoski has escaped the virus.

    Niskanen states that he is not afraid of getting corona infection from Ahosen, who has already traveled to his homeland, or from Joensuu, who has a stomach bug in Val di Fiemme.

    – I haven’t been in contact with them in such a way that it would scare them.

    Anne Kyllönen (left) and Krista Pärmäkoski (right) watched the end of the sprint time trial without masks. Coach Jussi Piirainen (second from the left) and Kerttu Niskanen had pulled on the ffp2 mask. Jussi Saarinen