Marjan van Loon is stepping down as director of Shell Netherlands

Marjan van Loon, CEO of Shell Netherlands since 2016, will step down on 1 April. The oil and gas company reports this on Monday his website. Her activities are taken over by Frans Everts. It is not clear why Van Loon is leaving.

Van Loon worked at Shell Nederland for a total of 34 years, of which she was at the helm for the last seven years. “I am really proud of what we have achieved in the Netherlands in recent years. We have supplied the Netherlands with energy every day, and that is increasingly cleaner energy. After seven years, I am happy to hand over the baton to Frans,” says Van Loon in a statement. Her successor has been with the company for 33 years. Everts says he wants to make cleaner energy accessible to the whole of the Netherlands. “Of course there are also challenges. I want to approach them with an open mind, in line with Marjan van Loon’s broad view and transparent way of communicating.”

At the beginning of this month, Shell presented its financial results, which showed that the company had benefited particularly well from the energy crisis and had achieved the highest profit ever: 40 billion dollars (about 36 billion euros). The Dutch branch of Shell is responsible for, among other things, the refinery in Pernis and the chemical complex in Moerdijk.

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