1/5 Marja lives in the oldest farm in Vlijmen

    Built in 1650 and last renovated in 1890, the oldest farm in Vlijmen is still inhabited. And by Marja Kivits. According to the Brabantse Boerderij foundation, her farm is one of the most beautiful in Brabant. That is why they awarded a plume of honor for the first time on Saturday on Open Monument Day, a prize intended for the crown jewels in the Brabant farmland. Marja, who calls herself Marie van de Middelhaai, is the ‘crown on her work’.

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    Marie’s farm is the oldest, still original farm in Vlijmen with a herd, a box bed and a poo box. Marie sleeps in the box bed, knits her own socks and breast skirts and grows her vegetables in the vegetable garden. She wears traditional Brabant costume and gives guided tours of her ‘museum’.

    “I’m just a

    She doesn’t think it’s very special, although she enjoys farming. “I have maintained my farm for over thirty years and that is appreciated. But I am just a happy man.

    Visitors receive explanations from Marie in genuine Brabant dialect and she then sings Brabant songs she wrote herself. And of course there is one kumke coffee. Whoever visits the farm must ‘back inside‘, because the ‘bonfirer’ almost never opens. “Only for the king and the mayor”, Marie laughs.

    “The 21st century is coming in here.”

    The honorary plume from the Brabant Farm Foundation is a boost for Marie and her farm. And she can use it well. Because she has a conflict with the municipality of Heusden. He has planned two new houses near the farm.

    According to Marie, this ruins the 19th-century peasant atmosphere of her living museum. “When I look out the window, those new-build houses are in full view. With their solar panels pointed this way. The 21st century is coming here for the first time.”

    Marie has collected signatures and the case is now before the Council of State, which can make a decision at any moment. “I actually hope that the Council of State says: ‘that mean does her best, just let her exist’. well you know ever never not Hey?”