‘Marco Borsato? Haven’t spoken in twenty years!’

Connie Witteman is the woman who once linked Marco Borsato and Leontine Ruiters during a dinner at her home. Is she still in contact with the singer? “Not for twenty years!”

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The spark between Marco Borsato and Leontine Ruiters once flew during a dinner at Connie Witteman’s home in Wassenaar. Now, many years later, the two go through life a lot less happy. He’s facing prosecution in a sexual assault case and she’s just been dumped by some multimillionaire.

Connie about Marco

So Connie has known Marco for a long time, but do they still have a lot of contact? “I haven’t spoken to Marco for at least twenty years. There was no argument or anything, but Marco and Leontine got their own lives at some point, and I was also in my own bubble,” she says in the latest Story.

What does she think of the accusation against Marco? A report has been made against him for sexual abuse of a 15-year-old girl. “I think it’s terrible what is happening to Marco now,” said Connie. “I can at least say that I never had any doubts about him. Never!”

The Masked Singer

Marco hardly appears in the publicity because of the slur on his name. We also hardly see Connie, but of course she chooses it herself. “I just don’t feel like it anymore. I recently came home from a weekend in Brussels, and there were nine requests for TV programs,” she says. “Nine!”

The society star says no to everything. “One was from The Masked Singer. But really, I don’t care anymore. At the most, I would like to make a nice documentary again.”

Well, application ten is on the way… Can someone already request a budget from the Film Fund?


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