Marc-Marie Huijbregts finds the New Year’s wish that B-artist René le Blanc published in the weekly magazine Privé quite misplaced. “You shouldn’t do this, right? Just don’t say anything about it at all.”

    © William Rutten, RTL

    René le Blanc is one of the many stars who can express a New Year’s wish in the weekly magazine Privé. He wishes above all to stay healthy, but also says: “I myself hope to have better luck in the new year with a new creative team that I have gathered around me. Unfortunately, I said goodbye to a number of employees.”

    Marc-Marie lashes out

    That new team should bring René the necessary successes again. “With my new club of people I’m going to record a nice TV show in Austria in January and new singles are coming. In that respect, I can already call myself the lucky guy of 2023!”

    According to comedian Marc-Marie Huijbregts, distancing yourself from your old team in this way is not an option. “Then I always think: they are just reading the Privé, they have gone through hell, because they no longer have a job, and then he also says that he ‘unfortunately had to say goodbye to a number of people’”, says he in his podcast.

    ‘A bit painful’

    Co-host Aaf Brandt Corstius agrees with him. “A bit painful.”

    Marc-Marie: “You shouldn’t do that, right?”

    Aaf: “No.”

    Marc-Marie: “Or you shouldn’t say anything about it at all, but you shouldn’t…”

    Aaf: “Not in the form of a New Year’s wish.”

    “That’s the worst!”

    Marc-Marie: “And that it is also so bad for you: ‘I had to say goodbye…’ Oh, I think so… That is actually the worst for me…”

    Aaf: “Or they all ran away, that is also possible.”

    Marc-Marie thinks not. “No, that’s not what this story tells.”