A 51-year-old man was threatened with a stabbing weapon and violently robbed of his wallet on Arcadialaan in Alkmaar last night.

    When the man is standing in front of the Kokusai restaurant around 11:30 PM, he is approached by someone who demands money from him. The man refuses to hand over his wallet, after which the suspect tries to hit the man in vain.

    The suspect then pulls a stabbing weapon from his pocket, after which the victim tries to escape. The man does not succeed in this, because the suspect grabs his coat and brings him down with it. Under threat of the stabbing weapon, the 51-year-old man still hands over his wallet.

    Second suspect

    When the suspect has received his loot, he runs away towards the Huibert Pootlaan. The police suspect that these are two suspects, because around the time of the robbery, the victim saw a suspicious person in a parking lot.

    Both men wore dark clothing. Anyone who has seen anything suspicious on or around Arcadialaan on or around 11:30 p.m. on Friday evening, or has camera images of the violent robbery, is asked to report to the police.