Mamarazzis: parties and soccer players

  • Footballers who live in or visit Barcelona usually parade through venues such as Sutton, Blin Bling, Gatsby or Patrón, places with areas reserved for VIPs. There they celebrate their parties, some of them in the company of “image girls” or models

Since the passionate romance between Carles Rexach and Bárbara Rey, back in 1977, the sentimental and social life of footballers, especially at night, has given much to talk about and publish. Footballers, despite themselves or not, have always been linked to the pink universe and it is more than usual for them to star in magazine covers and occupy minutes of television to deal with issues that have little or nothing to do with their profession.

As a result of the Dani Alves case, there is a lot of talk about the clandestine parties of the footballers and the famous reserved rooms in the discos and VIP rooms of the places they usually frequent. Sources consulted by the Mamarazzis assure us that what happened “is not an isolated incident and that both he and other colleagues have had sexual relations in that bathroom and other bathrooms in places in the area& rdquor;. What Justice must now determine is whether what happened in that private bathroom, during the 16 minutes that the cameras could not record, was a rape and Alves assaulted the young woman or, as the player’s defense claims, under the directed by the lawyer Cristóbal Martell, they had consensual sexual relations.

The Catalan venues Sutton, Bling Bling, Gatsby, La Traviesa, Patrón, Feroz, Shoko or Eclipse are some of the most frequented by footballers who reside in or visit Barcelona. In all of them there is an area reserved for VIPs and it is in this space where the players celebrate their parties, some of them in the company of “image girls& rdquor; or models. Image girls are young people that nightlife venues use as a lure to attract customers. The young women enter the discos for free, hang around the reserved ones and allow themselves to be invited to drinks. Its mission is for customers to feel comfortable, consume and invite them to drinks. They usually charge around 60 euros for their work and some of them can also act as a company girl. Hiring may or may not include sex and its cache varies depending on its services. Yes, friends, we are still like this in 2023. An important Spanish events company defines on its website “the pillars that a girl with a disco image must know: communication skills, fashion and beauty, knowing how to be and other professional issues that we consider important& rdquor; . Gross!.

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Since the mythical Romario parties in the nineties, some football celebrations have become news due to their controversies, anecdotes and eccentricities. The famous celebration of Ronaldo Nazario’s 27th birthday in Madrid was not without controversy. “I was at a Ronaldo birthday party with my wife and when buses of ladies began to appear, my wife told me to go home and Figo the same. She went to Ronaldo’s house, which he later sold to Sergio Ramos & rdquor ;, explained Iván Helguera laughing. Also very controversial are the parties celebrated by several footballers during the total confinement decreed in March 2020, skipping all anti-covid measures. Surely you will remember the cases of the Sevilla players (Ocampos, Banega and “Mudo” Vázquez) celebrating a massive barbecue or when Jesé Rodríguez also skipped all the health regulations to attend the birthday of the tronista Aurah Ruiz.

Neymar also received a lot of criticism in Brazil for celebrating a five-day party and in the midst of a pandemic. 150 guests, most of them female guests, of course. The tremendous partying of Ronaldinho, Motta and Deco when, for example, they activated the fire extinguishers in the Bikini room, heThe endless crazy nights of Piqué, Xavi and Saviola in Danzatoria or in a well-known Masía de Sant Cugat, gave way to clandestine parties in the private rooms on Tuset street in Barcelona, ​​but what happened with Alves has undoubtedly marked a before and after. Footballers, go home.