Luis D´Elia shot hard against The Campora and the Evita Movementafter both decided not to march on December 6 in case the vice president Cristina Kirchner was sentenced for the Cause Road. “They got tired of saying ‘don’t mess with Cristina, but what a mess it’s going to make.’ Well, they’re going to mess with Cristina, on Tuesday at six in the evening. They are going to condemn her. They couldn’t shoot her, they’re going to try to get her off the field through judicial and political demonization. And everyone in there, what the fuck are they going to do? are they going to look? Are you going to wait for the outcome of the appeal? But don’t fuck with me, please! ”, She claimed in her radio editorial.

    The party chairman Thousands He ruled that since Tuesday, the Argentine people, the workers and the middle classes “have a very serious political problem: there is no more democracy in Argentina.” “There was no more democracy when the first lawfare comrades fell, there was no democracy when we had 53 comrades political prisoners, including myself. There was no democracy when, for example, Humberto Montero, political prisoner, worker, from White Bay, in jail. But this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, ”said D’Elia, who clarified that although” he does not agree with several of the things that Cristina is doing “, he was going to be” the first to be on the street ” .

    Likewise, the leader called for “roadblocks throughout the country until the court leaves”, through his Twitter account.

    In mid-November, D’Elía had declared on his program that “throw out once and for all” the “sons of a thousand bitches from the court”, and called for “thinking of a town against the Court”, recalling the march that he promoted on February 1 in the company of the judge Juan Maria Ramos Padillato demand the resignation of the judges Juan Carlos Maqueda, Carlos Rosenkrantz, Horacio Rosatti Y Ricardo Luis Lorenzetti.

    “I think that she has absolutely nothing to do with the causes that are foisted on her and that they fabricated for her. Today there is a judiciary in counterattack, willing to condemn her and persecute her for personal viciousness. And behind that is Macri, son of a thousand bitches, ”D’Elía had said on that occasion.

    Judge Ramos Padilla also called for a “pueblada” in support of the vice president. “If after the verdict is known we do not make a town in Comodoro Py, not only will we not have defended the best, but we will have missed a historic moment,” the judge declared.

    by RN

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