Drill rapper Luciano from Germany was on September 20th in the shipment “late night Berlin” as a guest. There he was sung to two of his songs or parts from his songs as hit versions. It was his job to guess them. The two songs were played with different instrumentals and new lyrics, but in the same way that they could have run perfectly at the Oktoberfest. For the Guess of songs he could box in Gold optics for win his grills.

    darling you are beautiful

    We fly to the big city

    Thank god we got to know each other

    I may have put a spell on you

    Luciano could not guess this song and says himself: “I should have known that.” The second song “Hunter” had these lines, among others:

    Got a girlfriend, a shop

    Daimler is to my liking

    Little rascals want to tease us

    They only mark Strammen Max

    Luciano was able to guess this song and thus won the box for his grills. He then invited the moderator of the show, Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, to his tour. He’s even allowed to ride on the tour bus.

    Luciano tour and new album

    Patrick Großmann, the real name of the rapper, is going on a tour of Germany in October. This begins on October 3rd in Berlin. He will appear in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Munich in turn.

    Luciano is releasing a new, his sixth album, just in time for the start of the tour. It is scheduled for release on September 30th and is called MAJESTIC.

    The rapper was the most-streamed German-speaking artist in 2021 and all five previous albums each landed in the top 10 of the charts. His most recent album AQUA landed at number 1 in Switzerland. In Germany he is still missing this milestone.