Lorella Cuccarini comments on her daughter’s coming out

uA mother who respects her children’s choices because she wants their good and their happiness. So it shows Lorella Cuccarini after coming out of his third child, Chiara Capitta, born 23 years ago together with the twin Giorgio from love with Silvio Testi Capitta. A few days ago, the girl revealed on social media that could love both a boy and a girl. Words that have gone around the web surprising everyone. But not mother Lorella Cuccarini: «I am very amazed that there has been a stir over a simple statement. I found nothing risky in his words» said the former dancer and judge of Friends in an interview with the weekly People.

Chiara Capitta and the social coming out

«I could fall in love with a boy or a girl»: this is how Chiara Capitta, captain of Roma women’s football, answered questions from followers about her sexual orientation. «I’ve never loved labels. A person interests me as they are, regardless of gender» added the girl. Words immediately interpreted as a coming out. And on which, now, Lorella Cuccarini also intervenes.

I respect my children’s ideas

The former dancer does not mince words to comment on her daughter’s sentences. «I respect my children’s ideas and their life» he says in the interview to People. «She’s big, she’s free to express what she feels» he points out. Implying that she would have no problem or prejudice if one day her daughter were to reveal that she fell in love with a girl. Because the only thing that really matters to her is the happiness of her four children: Sara, Giovanni, Chiara and Giorgio, her children born from her marriage to Silvio Testi Capitta.

There are no barriers in our family

“I assure you, there are no barriers in our family»: this is how Lorella Cuccarini responds to the hypothesis that her daughter may fall in love with a woman. Neither she nor her husband nor her other children would have a problem living in such a situation. And she explains: “There is one thing my husband and I have always thought: the important thing is that our children make choices that lead them to be happy».