Long queues at gas stations: ‘Otherwise I will have to fill up more expensive tomorrow’

Cars come and go all day long at the petrol stations in Drenthe. Drivers want to take advantage of the temporary reduction in excise duty that ends tomorrow, July 1. Every now and then the queues reach the street at filling station Ewout Klok in Hoogeveen.

In recent days filling station owners have also been a lot busier, but as expected, the peak is today. The petrol is temporarily sold out at a small part of the pumps. “Yesterday it was already busier than expected. Then we saw the first ‘dry runners’, but they were supplied again last night”, Klok responds. “I expect it will all work out.”

Fuel prices rose rapidly at the beginning of last year, partly due to the war in Ukraine. The cabinet then decided to reduce excise duties. Per liter this was a reduction of more than 17 cents for petrol and more than 11 cents for diesel. But from tomorrow, motorists will be less economical at the pump.

“If the petrol is more expensive tomorrow, I will fill up today,” says a motorist. “It takes about 60 liters, so do the math.” These and other drivers drove past the gas station especially. “That’s right, that makes sense. Because otherwise I’ll have it empty tomorrow or the day after tomorrow and I’ll have to fill up more expensively.”

View the reactions at the pump in Hoogeveen (story continues below the video):