Live ticker SC Freiburg – Juventus Turin (Europa League 2022/2023, Round of 16)



Tooor for Juventus, 0:1 by Dušan Vlahović



Manuel Gulde

Yellow card for Manuel Gulde (SC Freiburg)



Gözübüyük gets a signal about the handball and looks at it in the review area. The referee decides on a penalty!



Flekken saves against Kean and Ginter on the line! Rabiot puts the ball through superbly to Kean, who gets to the sixteen. He shoots from 14 meters, but Flekken is there. He extends his leg and saves the 0-0. Then Gatti comes to an end from eight meters and Ginter heads away in front of the line. The ball was deflected by Gulde and the Italians demanded a handball.



Vlahović and Gulde will no longer be best friends. Beyond the ball, the two players clash. Dušan Vlahović checks the central defender slightly with his shoulder in the back, whereupon Gulde goes down. That’s not enough for a job, but the mood between the two seems to be visibly tense.



Gulde has to be extremely careful. The warned centre-back pulls another foul on the right touchline, causing the Juventus bench to jump open. There is only a free kick. In the next scene he gets into the duel against Vlahović just in time with a sliding tackle. If he comes here a moment later, Freiburg is only playing ten players.



The guests almost land a dangerous counterattack. After winning the ball in their own half, the remaining defense at Freiburg is not right. Rabiot tries to send Vlahović running, but Ginter cuts his head at the last moment. That was extremely important, because otherwise the attacker would have run towards Flekken alone. This is how the Freiburg back line can sort itself out.



After the stadium was briefly silent after the supposed goal was conceded, the supporters of the sports club are back. They cheer on their team, which continues to be courageous and, above all, biting. Everything is still possible for the people of Breisgau.



The people of Freiburg can take a deep breath! Furthermore, it is only one goal difference to the Turiners. But this scene showed that Freiburg have to be careful all the time because Juventus’ individual class is simply strong.



Dusan Vlahovic

VAR’s decision: The goal by D. Vlahović (Juventus) is disallowed, score 0-0

Filip Kostić puts the subsequent free kick into the box and Bremer is free to head the ball from seven yards out. Flekken is still there and directs the ball to the crossbar. With a bit of luck, the ball will fall to Kean and bounce off the attacker straight to Vlahović, who can turn from six meters ice cold. But Vlahović is slightly offside and the goal is withdrawn.



Manuel Gulde

Yellow card for Manuel Gulde (SC Freiburg)

Gözübüyük drives a hard line in the first 25 minutes. He whistles back a lot and doesn’t seem to be holding back the cards either. Rabiot pulls past the central defender in midfield and Gulde tripped him. You can give a yellow card for that, but it’s a tough decision this early in the game.



Freiburg is now better in the game. They get stuck in the opposing half and look for their way into the sixteen. The Italians are now more challenged at the back.



Ginter almost makes it 1-0! After a good scene from Höler, the home team gets a corner kick. The ball enters the sixteen from the left, where Ginter can prevail against three opponents. He pushes the ball from eight meters with his head into the right corner. Szczęsny reacts strongly and scrapes the ball off the line. Höler gets a follow-up shot, but Bremer intervenes and deflects the ball over the box. The following corner kick remains harmless.



Cuadrado also tries to steal a penalty. He passes Günter in the penalty area, who puts his foot out but doesn’t touch the Colombian at all. Still, Cuadrado goes down theatrically and wants a penalty. Günter is furious about the behavior of his opponent. Gözübüyük is also not deceived and rejects.



Juve is clearly on the safe side. They let the ball run through their own ranks and hardly take any risks on offense. So far there have not yet been any switching moments for the old lady. A quiet, expectant encounter ensues.



Nicolò Fagioli falls far too easily after a challenge in the box and demands a penalty. Of course that was far too little. The second ball still lands at Locatelli, who pulls a half-volley from 25 meters. He hits the leather properly, but the finish is too centered and therefore no problem for Mark Flekken, who intercepts the ball safely.



At this stage, the Italians have some difficulties and cannot really break out of their own half. Again and again, the liberation strikes land in the ranks of the home side, who, however, are not yet able to profit from it. So far it remains the only conclusion of Dōan.



Similar to the first leg, Freiburg get down to business quite physically. Again and again there are hard physical exercises and duels. Gözübüyük doesn’t let too much of it get away with it and whistles a lot.



Freiburg tries boldly to play forward and looks for players in attack. But Juventus is safe at the back and delivers the Breisgauer. Many attempts behind the chain end up harmlessly in the gate.



The first degree belongs to the hosts. Günter conquers the ball on the left side and Freiburg play through with direct passing. The ball lands in the tip at Dōan via Höfler and Gregoritsch. The Japanese immediately sees that Szczęsny is too far in front of his own goal and tries a direct shot. But his conclusion from 22 meters is too unplaced and goes almost two meters past the right post. Nevertheless, a courageous attempt by the sports club.



The Italian record champion takes possession of the ball in the early minutes. The Breisgauer try to disrupt early and build up a lot of pressure. So far, the old lady has been able to free herself well from dangerous situations.



Here we go! The ball rolls, Juventus kicks and Freiburg put pressure on them straight away. Höfler tackles the ball-leading Cuadrado and runs over the Colombian. There is the first free kick and the hosts confirm their ambitions.


The atmosphere in the Europa-Park stadium could hardly be better. On a glorious spring day, the arena in Freiburg is of course completely sold out. The supporters of the sports club show a wonderful choreography and the players get ready in the players’ tunnel. The referee of the match Serdar Gözübüyük from the Netherlands leads the two teams onto the field. It’s about to start with this thrilling second leg in the round of 16 of the Europa League. SC Freiburg welcomes Juventus Turin. We look forward to an exciting 90 minutes or more.


There are significantly more changes among the guests. Allegri rested some of his players over the weekend. There are five changes in the starting lineup. Szczęsny returns between the posts. In the chain of three, Gatti takes over for Bonucci. In midfield, Locatelli and Cuadrado rotate back into the starting XI for Barrenechea and De Sciglio. In addition, the Turiners act with a dual leadership of Kean and Vlahović. Miretti only sits on the bench for this. For the only goalscorer from the first leg, Ángel Di María, it was not enough for the starting line-up. The ailing Argentine finds himself on the bench at the beginning.


The hosts change their line-up by one position compared to the home game against TSG at the weekend. Sildilla comes back into the starting lineup and takes the rail position on the right side. Somewhat surprisingly, Vincenzo Grifo only sits on the bench. Christian Streich emphasized that he wants to see his team brave, but that they shouldn’t run into the open knife either. The head coach probably wants to secure his team better defensively. For Phillip Lienhart, who had to leave the pitch injured in the first leg, it was not enough for a place in the squad.


The Italians continue to have problems in the league, but were able to win their game from the weekend. The seventh-placed team in Serie A won 4-2 at home against bottom-placed Sampdoria and fulfilled their duty. The Italians really want to win the Europa League in order to salvage this messed-up season a bit. To do that, they have to at least get their best performance tonight, otherwise they could get lost against the dangerous Freiburg team.


The dress rehearsal of Freiburg has already been successful. At the weekend, the fifth in the Bundesliga table met the weak Hoffenheim team. Until late in the game, however, it looked like the points would be shared before Ritsu Doan scored the decisive goal to make it 2-1 just before the end of regular time. Freiburg should take this momentum with them into today’s round of 16 second leg so that they can keep a possible chance of reaching the quarter-finals and the dream journey on the European stage is not over yet.


Turin obviously had a hard time in the first leg. The team under head coach Massimiliano Allegri was superior in terms of play, but Freiburg defended passionately and caused the favorites some difficulties. The Bundesliga team was able to draw 0-0 at the break. In the second round, Ángel Di María made the difference. The Argentinian, who alone has more European appearances than the entire Freiburg squad, used an excellent Kostić cross to take the lead and made it 1-0. Lukas Höler reduced the lead to 1:1 in the meantime, but the goal was withdrawn due to a previous handball by Matthias Ginter. Nevertheless, Freiburg can build on their defensive performance from the first leg and everything is still possible tonight.


It is probably the biggest game in SC Freiburg’s club history. A giant of European football comes to Freiburg in front of a home crowd. The 36-time Italian champion, Champions League winner and multiple European Cup winner will take on the inexperienced Freiburgers in the KO rounds in an interesting second leg. The starting position for Christian Streich’s team could be worse. There was a defeat in the first leg, but it was relatively close with a 0:1. In addition, today’s hosts had to do without a few invited fans away from home. However, there will be full support in the Europa-Park stadium and the guests from Turin can expect a cauldron.


Hello and welcome to the Europa League round of 16 second leg between SC Freiburg and Juventus Turin. The people of Breisgau ask the old lady to dance in the Europa-Park stadium. The game begins at 6:45 p.m. The live ticker for this match starts right before the kick-off.