Live ticker Germany – Japan (U21 friendlies 2023, March)



Tooor for Germany, 2: 2 by Denis Huseinbašić

There’s the balance! Almost immediately, Germany equalizes again. Simon Asta crosses halfway up into the box from the right wing. The ball comes down at the penalty spot and Denis Huseinbašić places the play equipment precisely in the net.



Mao Hosoya

Tooor for Japan, 1:2 by Mao Hosoya

What’s going on here? After only 17 seconds, the ball is already in the goal of Germany. Simon Asta plays a long ball from Ryuya Nishioka directly into the feet of Kein Sato on the left side of the penalty area. He puts the ball across the sixteen, where Mao Hosoya only has to push in from eight meters.



Simon Asta

Substitution at Germany: Simon Asta



Killian Fischer

Substitution in Germany: Kilian Fischer



Let’s continue – Antonio Di Salvo has made a change.



Kick-off 2nd half



Mid-term conclusion:
After the first 45 minutes it is 1-1 between Germany and Japan. Antonio Di Salvo’s side are largely in control of the match. Nevertheless, the guests are by no means signed off. Again and again they manage to set dangerous accents. Already in the 9th minute Faride Alidou had the 1:0 on his foot from close range, but Zion Suzuki thwarted the goal with a strong save. In the 28th minute, Noah Atubolu made a powerful save from a shot by Fuki Yamada. In the end, a penalty was needed for the first goal: Jessic Ngankam (40th), who had been fouled earlier, converted himself into the lead for Germany. But just a short time later, Japan equalized after a corner with Kein Sato (43rd). It’s a really good test match for both teams, which promises an exciting second half.



Official stoppage time (minutes): 1



No sato

Tooor for Japan, 1-1 by No Sato

A draw! Ryuya Nishioka extends the due corner ball at the first post. A few yards behind him, Kein Sato is spot on and pushes the ball over the line.



Almost equal! Rihito Yamamoto fires a hard low shot. Goalkeeper Noah Atubolu struggles to steer the ball around the left post – but he succeeds.



Jessic Ngankam

Tooor for Germany, 1-0 by Jessic Ngankam

Inside is the thing! The Hertha BSC striker grabs the leather himself. Zion Suzuki suspects the right corner of the goal, but the ball lands in the right corner of the goal.



Penalty for Germany! Jessic Ngankam is brought down by Takashi Uchino entering the penalty area. The referee immediately points to the point.



Scoring chances remain a scarce commodity in this game. Zion Suzuki plucks a cross from Ansgar Knauff out of thin air.



That was close: no Sato tried to put a ball through the penalty area. His team-mate starts the box with a smile, but Jordan Beyer gets the ball back with an outstanding tackle.



Strong save! Rihito Yamamoto grabs the ball 20 meters from the goal. He tries to finish powerfully from a central position on the edge of the penalty area. With a nice flight insert, Noah Atubolu steers the leather over the crossbar.



The encounter takes place largely between the two penalty areas. Both back teams are in good shape. There are currently no significant chances to score.



Yannik Keitel looks for Noah Katterbach with a lob in the penalty area. But the cross has too much power. This is how the ball lands in the goal.



Jessic Ngankam fuels himself in the right half of the penalty area. In the end, the situation becomes confusing – he is surrounded by opponents. His shot attempt is blocked.



A quarter of an hour is played. Overall, the German team is better in the game. Faride Alidou already had the 1-0 on his feet. Japan is snappy but rarely advances to the last third of the game.



On the left, Yuito Suzuki is marching forward at pace. Instead of picking up a teammate on the right, he tries to get into the penalty area himself. But Yann Bisseck takes the ball from him with good positional play.



Germany is stuck in the opposing half. The entire team has advanced. The guests’ back team wobbles a bit, but finally clears the ball for a corner.



Big chance for the DFB-Elf! Zion Suzuki parried a shot from Jessic Ngankam to the side. Faride Alidou is on the right post for a follow-up shot, but Suzuki clears the shot from close range with a powerful save from the corner. The ball has to be in there!



The Japanese are biting in the duels. They get down to business a bit too rough. They are called off twice for foul play.



The German team makes a lively start. After winning the ball, the youngsters quickly look for a way forward. In the last third, however, there is still a lack of penetrating power. The guests from Japan try it with long balls – no problem for the DFB defense.



The ball rolls! Which team gets the better start to the game?


Japan was already on a trip to Europe at the end of last year. In Spain, Go Oiwa’s side lost 2-0. Japan beat Portugal 2-1 with a goal in added time. Antonio Di Salvo expects an opponent who will challenge his team properly – just right for a successful tournament preparation.


After the successful qualification there were two defeats against France (0:1) and England (1:3). At the end of the year, the DFB-Juniors defeated Italy 4:2. In comparison, the starting XI changed to four positions: Jordan Beyer, Ansgar Knauff, Faride Alidou and Jessic Ngankam started for Malick Thiaw, Lazar Samardžić, Kevin Schade and Jan Thielmann.


“All players have the chance to show themselves. Everyone has the chance to be part of the European Championship,” said Antonio Di Salvo on Thursday before the final training session. With Kevin Schade, Josha Vagnoman, Malick Thiaw and Felix Nmecha called up for the senior team and some players absent through injury, other players will have the opportunity to recommend themselves. “It’s always about improving as a team,” said the coach.


For Antonio Di Salvo’s side, the encounter is the penultimate test ahead of the U21 European Championships in Georgia and Romania, which begin in June. There his team meets the Czech Republic, England and Israel in the preliminary round group C. The DFB Youngsters qualified as group leaders with only one defeat.


Hello and welcome to the clash between the U21 national teams of Germany and Japan. Kick-off is at 6:15 p.m. in the PSD Bank Arena in Frankfurt am Main. Have fun!