Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 1:1

    And Tiafoe can only return to Nadal’s body, who places the volley directly behind the stitches.


    Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 1:1

    Strong serve from Federer, Sock can only return behind the baseline. Applause breaks out again!


    Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 1:1

    Tiafoe was able to shine at the US Open, but he has some problems at the start of this doubles match. At the end of his service game, however, he brings through an ace and equalizes after games.


    Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 1:0

    Tiafoe on serve. Now it’s Sock who can set an exclamation point with a hard volley bounce.


    Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 1:0

    Two returns wide ensure Rafa Nadal’s service stays with Team Europe.


    Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 0:0

    Federer and Nadal make themselves comfortable on the net from the start, Federer scores again with a precise volley to the right!


    Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 0:0

    Applause erupts as Roger Federer volleys the ball past Tiafoe with his first touch!


    Federer/Nadal – Sock/Tiafoe 0:0

    What a start, Rafa Nadal supposedly brings through an ace! However, he just hits the wrong half of the field, Team World takes the lead.


    The last photo

    Of course, you take a lot of time for the official photo, because it will go around the world afterwards. Three more minutes to warm up, then here we go!


    42 Grand Slam titles enter the court!

    What kind of charisma does Federer and Nadal have, team boss Bj√∂rn Borg does the rest. Greeting boards are held up in the stands, “Roger, our number one” or “Roger, we will miss you” is written there, among other things.


    How does Federer come out?

    “I’m not sure if I can handle it. I’ve often been nervous before big matches, but it feels completely different,” emphasized FedEx before his last appearance. The time has come, the game is actually scheduled to start at 11 p.m.

    10:53 p.m

    De Minaur has to apologize

    “I hope that we will now also be successful in doubles,” said the Australian in the winner’s interview and has to apologize for the numerous boos from the audience. Finally he strikes a soothing tone: “Let’s just create an excellent atmosphere for Roger Federer!”

    10:49 p.m

    First win for Team World

    In the match tie-break, too, the decision is a long time coming, among other things, the rally for the tenth point lasts 24 strokes. Ultimately, Alex de Minaur decides the game for himself, converting the first of two match points to 10:7. Team Europe leads in the overall score only 2:1.


    It’s a match tiebreak

    While Andy Murray is fighting for his third European victory of the day, the rest of the Europe team has retreated to the lounge once more.


    Contested second round

    De Minaur was able to fend off two breakballs and leads 5:3 in the second set. So a lot of it boils down to the match tie break common in tournaments. Roger Federer has now made himself comfortable on a sofa near the field.


    Murray leads

    The Scot won the first set 7:5. Incidentally, Hugh Grant is also watching. Even if the match between Murray and De Minaur is very exciting, a certain tension can be felt before Federer says goodbye.


    It starts a little later

    Andy Murray and Alex de Minaur are still in the first set after almost an hour. It’s currently 5:5. Among others, Alexander Zverev, Stefan Edberg and of course Rod Laver, who gave the tournament its name, watch the match.


    Also sporting goals

    After the announced resignation, Federer takes his knee problems much more relaxed, according to some statements. Nevertheless, it is of course in the nature of the Swiss to also have an eye on victory. “I hope to do well out there and of course I want to enjoy it. But it will certainly be tough.”


    The emotions are in the foreground

    In the early afternoon, the players were introduced individually. That was already a highly emotional moment, Roger Federer was the last in line and was celebrated with standing ovations. The Swiss thanked the audience with tears in his eyes.


    The crowd is huge

    Of course, thousands of tennis fans want to experience their idol live again. For example, three-day tickets went for 20,000 euros over the counter. Up to 7,000 euros were due for Federer’s farewell game alone. 20,000 spectators fit in the O2 Arena in south London.


    Team Europe dominates the Laver Cup

    With the exception of the pandemic year 2020, the Laver Cup has been held every year since 2017. Team Europe won all four times, in the last edition even with 14:1. The Europeans got off to a good start again this year, the score is 2-0. At that moment, Andy Murray and Alex De Minaur are dueling for the third point.


    Success is called Federer

    One would have to write almost a whole book to list all the successes of the now 41-year-old Swiss. The native of Basel won 20 Grand Slam titles – in 2004, 2006 and 2007 even three in one season. 237 weeks in a row in first place in the world rankings is a record. Federer was voted world athlete of the year five times, and no one else was able to do that either.


    Federer’s farewell game

    A world career comes to an end! Roger Federer is playing his farewell game today. The setting could hardly be nicer, together with Rafa Nadal he plays at the Laver Cup against Team World consisting of Jack Sock and Francis Tiafoe. The match starts around 9:30 p.m.