Live ticker Daniel Altmaier – Stan Wawrinka (Davis Cup, World Group 2023, 1st round


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3: 6, 7: 5, 0: 0

The German has serve and comes off the block well. An ace to make it 30:0, an agile dance at the net and he has the game within reach.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 7:5

In the break between sentences, the audience is admonished again. After warnings, there would now be point deductions in the third set. Let’s hope that the two players can make up the game between themselves.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 7:5

Break and sentence Altmaier. Wawrinka has to serve on the second serve and the German boldly returns. The Kempener has really freed himself and the stadium is upside down!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 6:5

Good eye from Altmaier, who requests the review and gets it right. set ball!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 6:5

The Confederate’s error rate has already risen alarmingly. Until the middle of the second sentence he seemed completely unapproachable – but now Daniel Altmaier moves like the sure winner. To be honest, we’re still a long way from that.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 6:5

Of course, Altmaier is the first to jump off the bench again and now wants to take the tailwind with him. Let’s take a look at the recent past: A few hours ago Stanislas Wawrinka led in doubles after one set and lost the following two alongside Dominic Stricker against Mies/Pütz. an omen?


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 6:5

There stands the German bank! Two volley blocks from Altmaier, who serves through. The body language is now clearly Altmaier’s advantage, probably also the physique, because Wawrinka already has a double in his arms.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 5:5

And lo and behold: Wawrinka can force the German to make a mistake with the repeated point and we have a debut.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 5:5

An interruption due to frequent heckling from the audience. Wawrinka is annoyed, but the fans are also doing Altmaier a disservice. After all, he was just in the right rhythm!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 5:5

The German’s serves have lost a lot of speed, but Altmaier plays a lot smarter overall. Now he also seems more relaxed, boldly blocking at the net to 40:30.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 5:5

A pity! Wawrinka acknowledges a network attack by Altmaier with a powerful backhand, then successfully drives the German off the court and fends off a potential break.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 5:4

The Swiss is uncompromising now and seems willing to stop getting caught up in long rallies. This is Altmaier’s chance, who can outplay his opponent again after a fine backhand cross (30:30).


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 5:4

Altmaier has to play the second serve, but places it excellently. Wawrinka only hits the stands – the turning point of the game?


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 4:4

Breakball saved, Wawrinka goes for Longline under but misses by 6 inches. As a result, power tennis again from Altmaier: advantage Germany!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 4:4

Debut because the Kempener loses control. It’s a tightrope walk between risk and overpacing, driven by the awakened audience in Trier. Wawrinka reads the German correctly and now has an advantage.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 4:4

With all his routine and mental strength, Wawrinka fights his way back into the game, while Altmaier is in all-or-nothing mode and overplays the Swiss with a backhand. Now he can take the lead in this sentence for the first time!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 4:4

Altmaier now boldly goes back to the net and throws the Swiss off the hook. We see a clear momentum shift here!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 4:4

Altmaier is here, Trier is here! Another long rally and the German remains flawless until the ball slips off Wawrinka. Is the Confederate getting tired after all?


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 4:4

There’s the break! After what felt like half an hour of baseline tennis, Altmaier drove his opponent out of the center with a long forehand and then finally secured the long-awaited break!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 3:4

Or not? Two strong actions by Altmaier finally give him his first breakball!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 3:4

First Wawrinka underestimated the spin, but then Altmaier missed a chance to 0:30 and then came a millisecond too late. The short morning air has blown away once again.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 3:4

Double fault, network – Altmaier almost lost his earnings in the seventh game. On the second attempt at the net, however, he can accommodate and shorten an unretournable volley. But the time for a break is ticking inexorably.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 2:4

Cleverly played by Altmaier, who anticipates a blocked serve, immediately rushes to the net and scores with a volley. The German is now taking the risk – rightly so!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 2:4

This is how you take the wind out of someone’s sails: Wawrinka seals a lightning-fast service game with an ace and dampens the briefly germinated hope in the ranks.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 2:3

Full throttle Altmaier! With a good deal of anger in his stomach about the chances he just missed, he whips the balls around the Swiss’s ears. He doesn’t let himself be lured from the baseline and forces Wawrinka to use his repertoire. A sense of achievement taken away!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 1:3

The Swiss has to serve again, but this time his opponent can’t benefit from a double fault. Wawrinka’s first-serve ratio suffers in this game, but his cleverness and precise crosses give him a 3-1 lead in the second set.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 1:2

The most beautiful rally of the game: Altmaier makes a lot of meters, but also lets Wawrinka run. The audience applauds at 15:15. Wawrinka then provides a glimmer of hope with the second double fault of the game.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6, 1:2

Of course, it’s always easy to say something like that from the outside: Daniel Altmaier should slow down the game a bit. The Swiss works like a sewing machine, keeps the pace high between games and thus prevents any sense of security from his opponent. Maybe in the third game? Yes! Altmaier shortened.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3: 6, 0: 2

In the second sentence Altmaier is still without any sense of achievement. He has to come back somehow now. Stay positive!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3: 6, 0: 1

Unfortunately, Daniel Altmaier’s returns have not improved either, while Wawrinka mercilessly accommodates his first serves. A bitter Davis Cup start for the talented man from Kempen.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3: 6, 0: 1

Another break, again Altmaier’s backhand wriggles in the net after a long cross by Wawrinka. That could be a short evening in Trier.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3: 6, 0: 0

With a double volley, Wawrinka takes points directly from the German. The surcharges are now too weak, especially with the second serve Altmaier has to take more risks. The break at the start is imminent!


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:6

There is no herb against Stanislas Wawrinka’s serves today. But Altmaier is perhaps too close to the baseline, wants to counter pressure too much and consequently loses the first set against the strong Swiss player after only 31 minutes.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 3:5

After winning the service game, Daniel Altmaier’s body language is finally better again.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 2:5

Timing and speed at Wawrinka are on point. You can’t tell that he already has a long double in his bones.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 2:5

Altmaier cannot put Wawrinka under pressure, unfortunately serves him too many easy balls and unintentionally strengthens the Swiss. Short and clear service game for the Swiss, embarrassed silence in Trier.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 2:4

It is Daniel Altmaier’s story in the first sentence. If his first serve comes with power, he scores. If he has to play the second serve, there is always a lack of accuracy. His ace to win the game is worth seeing – but for a break he has to find his way into the game better, which in turn is a difficult task with Wawrinka’s sensational serve rate.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 1:4

Wawrinka is already 40:0 in front until Altmaier turns things around and comes back with two precise backhand returns. Then he puts the Swiss on a simple volley. He can’t be asked twice.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 1:3

Timing problems with Altmaier, who repeatedly has early contact with the ball. At 15:30 he has to score with the backhand volley, instead he receives a full return from Wawrinka, who then gets the break from an unnecessary hit into the net.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 1:2

In the forehand game, Wawrinka currently has clear advantages. Altmaier has enough power, but he lacks precision in the first few games.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 1:2

If Wawrinka Altmaier drives behind the baseline, the Kempener has difficulties. The first serves of the Swiss are currently sitting and Altmaier has little opportunity to get into an open game.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 1:1

Altmaier tries to dominate from the baseline and put pressure on early on. His serves at over 200 km/h cause problems for Wawrinka.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 0:1

But Altmaier can score directly with the first serve, then takes the risk with the second serve and is rewarded. That should give the German security.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 0:1

A very smooth service game by the Swiss. Daniel Altmaier still looks visibly nervous and couldn’t score against the strong serves.


D. Altmaier – S. Wawrinka 0:0

Serve Stanislas Wawrinka – let’s go!


Becker looks confident

While the hall is already bursting with atmosphere, Boris Becker looks positive on the sidelines. The game starts in a minute.


Second try for Wawrinka

While Altmaier is still fresh in the game, Wawrinka is already battle-hardened in this Davis Cup duel. In doubles he lost in three sets with Dominic Stricker to the German duo Andreas Mies and Tim Pütz in the afternoon.


Altmaier against his mentor

Wawrinka and Altmaier share a common past: the Swiss used to act as a mentor for the Kempener. Today, however, they face each other as opponents.


winner of the evening

The spectators in Trier are of course the winners of the evening. Instead of having to worry about dinner now, they get a highly exciting duel to win against the Confederates. The court has been prepared again, the duelists are preparing.


Wawrinka favored

The bookmakers still saw Wawrinka as having a relatively clear advantage over Oscar Otte. If the Swiss had won, you could have collected 1.6 times your stake. Unfortunately, Alexander Zverev showed us a few minutes ago how much these odds are sometimes worth. Daniel Altmaier is nominally but also an outsider.


The decision is near

Welcome back from Trier! After the surprisingly clear success of Switzerland in the second individual, the event now culminates in the decisive individual. Oscar Otte was originally intended for this game on the German side, but with Daniel Altmaier another Davis Cup newcomer takes on this difficult task. Stan Wawrinka, who had watched the previous game for a relatively long time, will lace up his shoes for Switzerland.