Linda de Mol has made it very furious with her bizarre attack on Angela de Jong. Even Talpa propaganda pop Johan Derksen is critical. “This is tasteless and not fun at all.”

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    Support for Linda de Mol is crumbling fast now that she can’t control her resentful feelings about Angela de Jong. She horribly crashed a fictional version of the AD opinion diva in her new drama series Five Live: the blood spatter even flew on Linda’s character’s face.

    Linda under fire

    It leads to criticism from all sides. “That victim column in her magazine was already sad, but now it is completely embarrassing with Diva de Mol,” says GeenStijl. And the Veronica Guide gives Linda’s series only one star: “It’s a fake goof, with Linda passive-aggressively dealing with everyone she doesn’t like.”

    And Rob Goossens in RTL Boulevard: “When that studio lamp at the end fell on Angela de Jong, so to speak, then I knew: okay, this is just very bad. That’s when someone should have said: maybe that’s not such a good idea. That just didn’t happen. (…) I saw total bitterness.”

    ‘This is not comical’

    Telegraaf media journalist Jordi Versteegden does not find the scene in which the fake Angela crashes funny. “I personally don’t find it very comical when a lamp falls on a television critic who also has to represent Angela de Jong. I don’t think that’s tactical, let’s put it this way,” he says on the newspaper site.

    Volkskrant critic Alex Mazereeuw in Boulevard: “We all know that Linda has some kind of feud with Angela de Jong and it seemed a bit like she seized her moment here to take revenge. I really got the idea that it was a kind of therapy session for Linda, but packaged as a TV series.”

    Even VI critical

    Even Today Inside, where the Moles normally can’t do anything wrong, is critical. “It was a personal reckoning of Angela de Jong, who suddenly got such a big lamp on her head. This is tasteless and not nice at all. It’s about giving Angela de Jong a twist for a while,” says Johan Derksen.

    Colleague René van der Gijp: “This is amateur theatre.”

    VI guest Job Knoester: “It is becoming a kind of b*tchfight. I don’t think Linda needs this at all. It should be way too big for this.”

    Johan: “She should have disapproved of it in terms of scene, you know. This is not funny. Then people think: oh yes, that is what it meant. You immediately know that she hates Angela de Jong.”

    ‘Very very weak’

    Linda also did not want to be interviewed about her new series; she did send a self-directed interview to the show sections. Wilfred Genee: “Isn’t it very strange that De Telegraaf and RTL Boulevard were not allowed to interview her and that this interview was simply delivered? That is quite strange in a time like this.”

    René: “This is very special, dude.”

    Job: “I think it’s very weak to be honest. It’s very crazy.”

    Wilfred: “It’s a bit of club TV, isn’t it?”

    Johan: “Yes, no expense is spared to put her back on the horse. This is counterproductive.”

    And Five Live? According to Johan, they better stop with that. “This has nothing to do with satire or humor. It’s not fun at all, no. (…) The series is already a monstrosity. Badly acted and badly written.”