Lifelike and gigantic: Alkmaar commemorates 450 years of Relief with city giants

About 25 kilos and 3.5 meters high: the dimensions of the new inhabitants of Alkmaar. Especially for the celebration of 450 years of Alkmaar Ontzet, the city will have its own city giants.

“The organization of Kaeskoppenstad puts a lot of time and effort into it,” reports media partner Alkmaar Central. Such a giant consists of a frame, a head and is dressed in historical clothing. The handicrafts come from the highly experienced employees of Kaeskoppenstad.

Ancient folklore

The lifelike dolls will become part of the age-old Alkmaar tradition and annual parade of Alkmaar Ontzet. The Giants represent historical figures who played a role in the history of the Relief.

The lifelike dolls have also made their way abroad. For example, the ‘Bonte Stoet’ also stands out among a series of Belgian parades. The city giants have been part of the folklore there for centuries.


The very first giants of North Holland will be presented to the Alkmaarders during Kaeskoppenstad on June 3, and the rest will follow later on October 8, during the parade of 450 years of Ontzet.

Alkmaar Ontzet will be celebrated from October 2022 to October this year. The city turns out great, because it is exactly 450 years ago that it was the first city to defeat the Spaniards during the Eighty Years’ War.