Bayer Leverkusen is stuck deep in the table basement. The situation after the meager 1-1 draw against Werder Bremen is tense.

    “Brutally dangerous”, “you have to be concerned”, “of course I’m worried”: Robert Andrich, coach Gerardo Seoane and defense chief Jonathan Tah shrilled after Bayer Leverkusen’s disappointing 1-1 (0-0) against newly promoted Werder Bremen the alarm bells. After the sixth game without a three in the seventh Bundesliga game of the season, there was a mood of crisis.

    A meager five points, table basement instead of European Cup place is the bitter reality under the Bayer Cross. “We don’t need to lie to each other. We’re where we are. We don’t like it at all,” said Andrich and made it clear: “Everyone has to be aware of what’s going on. Everyone has to realize that we have to score. Nothing other things matter at the moment.”

    Seoane, who despite the unfortunate situation will probably still be on the sidelines in the tricky game at FC Bayern after the international break, did not mince his words. “There are always several analyses,” said the Swiss: “The performance, but also the points, because that’s what it’s all about in the end. And that’s where we’re unsatisfied and unsatisfied.”

    After a wild encounter marked by many shortcomings, Leverkusen struggled as so often with the exploitation of chances. Bayer, who had given Seoane some breathing room by beating Atlético Madrid 2-0 in the Champions League during the week, repeatedly pushed through through their fast wingers Jeremie Frimpong and Piero Hincapie. The majority of the 20 flanks ended up with a Bremen player.

    Hrádecky doesn’t look good at the Werder goal

    “We play very, very well on the flanks, but then the pass is very, very often missing,” said Andrich, emphasizing: “We have to work on that. That must be one of our strengths, because we always get past with our speed. “

    The behavior after Kerem Demirbay’s opening goal (57th), which was well worth seeing, was inexplicable. Bayer became extremely passive, let Bremen take control of the game and couldn’t complain that Milos Veljkovic (82′) equalised. Leverkusen’s captain and keeper Lukas Hrádecky made an unfortunate impression.

    “The focus is going forward. We now have a short break in which we can reflect again and think about what we need to do better. It is clear that things cannot go on like this,” said Tah. Andrich added combatively: “We’re going to Munich to take something with us.”