Let’s get to know Mr. Rain better, the artist from Sanremo who writes only on rainy days

TOThe Sanremo Festival 2023 will not only perform singers, but also Super heroes. This is in fact the title of the song that will lead to the Ariston Mr. Rain32-year-old artist with over 700 million streams, 13 platinum and 5 gold discs. Mr. Rain is, among others, the author of hits such as Chernobyl Flowers, 9.3, Meteorites And Hypernova.

This is the first time the artist competes as Bigbut it’s not his first time at theAriston: Mr. Rain had already walked the stage last year as a guest of his Highsnob & Huwith which he had reinterpreted I have fallen in love with you by Luigi Tenco, a great classic of Italian music.

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For his cover night, however, Mr. Rain he wanted next to him Fasmatogether with which he will perform with the cover of Something bigperhaps the most famous hit of Lunapop with 50 Specials.

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“I have always followed the festival since I was a child», said Mr. Rain, real name Matthias Balardi.

“Since I started making music, I dreamed of going on that stage. I’m over the moon because i do what i love bringing myself on that stage which is the most important that we have Italy”.

Brescia, Mr. Rain at the opening concert Bergamo Brescia Italian capital of culture 2023. (IPA)

Super heroescompetition piece by Mr. Rain

Super heroesas he himself explained, «is a song autobiographical which speaks of depression of being able to ask for help. No one can save themselveswe must be able to ask for help by becoming everyone Super heroes”.

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In times of trouble”we are encouraged to be strong, but being strong is not a choice. Asking for help instead is something that only we can decide to do and that’s exactly what it makes us all Super heroes».

Mr. Rain at the Burri Theater during Party Like a Deejay 2022. (IPA)

The song talks about thedifficulty from which I came out that I’ve always dreamed of telling on that stage to lend a hand to those who find themselves experiencing them now. Mine was a growth path started the moment I have found the strength to ask for support. Superhero choice because, step by step, it allows you to come back to life».

The artist had already tried to go to Sanremo in 2020 with Chernobyl flowersbut maybe the right time had not yet come. It is fate that has chosen to send to the Festival Super heroes».

Sanremo Festival 2023: Gianni Morandi co-host of all 5 evenings

Sanremo Festival 2023: Gianni Morandi co-host of all 5 evenings


The name Mr. Rain

But before talking about his career, maybe we should start from his name: why did he give himself this nick name? «My name is Mr. Rain because I only write my songs on rainy days“, has explained.

Below, joking with maestro Peppe Vessicchio in Sanremo

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If he’s late with the disc, he explained, “it’s because unfortunately this summer it didn’t rain and I didn’t write anything. I try, but I can’t come up with songs that are really good for the album. I am very picky and demanding with myself. And what I release on records is just what I wrote on rainy days».

Not by chance, Chernobyl flowersone of his greatest successes, was written on a rainy day «in which I felt naked, fragile, vulnerable. I can understand that you have a veil of sadness. But then I wrote other pieces that you would never know they were born on a rainy day».

And this “it’s a big mystery to me too. I’m certainly meteoropathic but I don’t understand what clicks inside me. I happened to be out for dinner with a friend or hanging out and about drop everything feeling the rain coming to run home a write».

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Mr. Rain’s career

Mr. Rain’s love for hip hop was born at middle Schoolagain with the American rapper Eminem as his role model.

In 2011 he published his first project, the EP Time 2 eattwo years later he participates in X Factor. With a twist: after passing the auditions, he decides to not wanting to take part in the talent show.

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He explained his decision thus: “I set out with the idea of ​​refusingI wanted to use this channel only for promote my music and get it to more people,” he said. «Following the casting I realized that it was a path that was not for me».

So, he decided «to retreat to go my own way, although it would have been the longest journey. I made this decision because I felt that was what I wanted to do going against the tide».

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Mr. Rain is convinced that «if a person follows what he perceives to do with his head, sooner or later it gets its results. I don’t believe in shortcuts or even compromises, I’ve always followed my lead and so far, it’s always been good for me.’

In 2015 he published his first record, Memoriesfollowed by Butterfly Effects and Petrichor. In March 2022 the album comes out instead Fragile.

The album Fragile by Mr. Rain

Fragile comprehends ten unpublished and tells how, for the artist, it is not easy to admit that he is, in fact, fragile.

“I often feel like this. What I’ve learned is that in these cases you have to search for a destination pointchannel this negative energy to figure out where to go».

Fragile, album by Mr. Rain released in March 2022

Compared to previous albums, where he tried to give «a little less information about my fears and my fragility, now I learned to accept and use all my fears as strengths. The album title was the last thing I chose. I didn’t think too much about it, because I was convinced that he would be the one to find me».

The flirtation (denied) with Elisabetta Gregoraci

Some time ago, when Elisabetta Gregoraci attended the Big Brother VIPa plane signed for her by Mr. Rain had appeared, so many thought that between the two there was a flirting in place. But this liaison was denied by the singer.

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“I had a lot of laughs. Actually it’s all a mess“, he said. «With Eli we are friends, she follows me, listens to my songs, she’s a fantastic person. However, there is no truth to flirting. I have been engaged for more than five years! It was pure gossipclearly a mistake.”

Mr.Rain at the 73rd Italian Song Festival. (IPA)

He then specified that he had known Elisabetta Gregoraci “two years ago a Beats Live, is a fan of mine and knows all my songs by heart. I like her very much but there was nothing. I didn’t want to talk about it when this news came out so as not to create more uproar.” Among the supporters of Mr. Rain, therefore, she will be there too.


The article Thanks to Mr. Rain, in Sanremo there are not only singers in the competition but also “Superheroes” seems to be the first on iO Donna.