Costume maker Léanne van Deurzen from Breda is the brain behind the prestigious suits of the popular TV show The Masked Singer. “That they cost 10,000 euros is really total nonsense.”

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    Carlin Kosters

    The swan, the Martian or a life-size chess pillar: each and every one of the characters from The Masked Singer are impressive appearances. Apart from the mystery of which celebrity is hidden in the suit, another mystery arose this week about the suits themselves. Those special works would cost up to 10,000 euros, according to RTL News.

    “That is really total nonsense,” responds maker Van Deurzen. In her studio in Breda she makes the impressive costumes in the deepest secrecy. She often easily spends a month on this. That is a lot of time and work, so that also costs a lot of money. But Van Deurzen does not want to reveal how much that is exactly. “That 10,000 is in any case not correct,” she says in the radio show WAKKER!.

    “If you want to be a swan too: alas!”

    The costume maker has been making the special suits for the RTL program since 2019. “And then I really only know the sizes,” she says. For the rest, Van Deurzen is not allowed to know anything about the participants of the mysterious singing competition. “I deliver the suits to production and they continue to fit,” she explains. “If a piece needs to be added or removed, they will make it to size. I am not allowed to know anything.”

    Maybe a pity for some fans of the program, but all suits are really only made once. “So if you also want to be a swan: unfortunately,” laughs Van Deurzen. “Every suit I make is unique.”

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