Lauren Verster is one of the few celebrities who still shows baby on TV

Lauren Verster is one of the few celebrities who still wants to be on television with her newborn baby. She showed the boy Louis last night in Shownieuws. “These are quite special images.”

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42-year-old Lauren Verster gave birth to her third child: Louis last November. She introduced him last night in a report of Show news. “This is Louis Diepeveen, just born. This is number three. He has two big sisters, or three mamas now. I am completely happy.”

Cooked like a monkey

Where Marieke Elsinga is currently experiencing a challenging maternity period full of itches, Lauren only suffers from spicy nights. “I’m as tired as a monkey of these nights. No, it’s going great. They can’t really do anything, can they, babies, and yet they are so sweet. They are as sweet as they are your own.”

Lauren is on a pink cloud. “I was sitting in the kitchen like this yesterday, I was cooking something and I looked towards the sofa and saw Jasper, my sweetheart, sitting from the back and three cobblestones next to it. It’s this feeling of, I’ve got you, so what do I care? I am really happy and proud too.”

Not for camera

Lauren’s lover did not want to appear on camera. Anouk Smulders explains to the Shownieuws desk: “He loves the camera very much, but prefers to be behind it, because he is a cameraman. I recorded Top Model with him for a number of years and I ran into Lauren regularly when she was still with Jort Kelder and lived in Nigtevecht.”

She continues: “Then I would walk the dog and she would come running by. Now she’s just a mother of three, so that’s a very big change. They live on a houseboat in Amsterdam with a kind of Pipi Longstocking household.”

Special images

Private boss Evert Santegoeds finds it particularly striking that Lauren wants to appear in front of the camera at all. “These are special images, because a lot of people no longer show their children on TV, right?”

Ann: “Yes. Yes.”

Show connoisseur Bart Ettekoven: “They have never been difficult about that. They are always open and everyone is always very welcome.”


Tooske Ragas also seems to be surprised. “Maybe it’s the hormones too. When they fade away, she thinks: I’m quitting.”

Anouk: “No, no, she is always like that.”