The last Ukrainian stronghold in the Donetsk region is under intense pressure from the Russian military. The Russians are trying to take Bachmut, Siversk and Soledar, which cities form Ukraine’s last line of defense before the Donetsk headquarters in Sloyansk-Kramatorsk.

    “The enemy continues to attack Bachmoet, the fighting continues,” the Ukrainian army command said on Saturday morning. According to Ukraine, the city is still being attacked from outside, but pro-Russian rebels say fighting is already taking place in the city. Both statements cannot be independently verified.

    The fiercest fighting in eastern Ukraine is now taking place around Bachmoet. An important traffic intersection is heavily shelled by the Russians. Russian soldiers also stand on the outskirts of Siversk and Soledar

    Also around the city of Donetsk there is still heavy fighting. Donetsk has been controlled since 2014 by the pro-Russian rebels, who are trying to push back the Ukrainian army even further.

    In the south of the country, the Ukrainians have the upper hand. There, the Russian army has to be on the defensive in the Kherson region.