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    A large fire raged in an apartment complex for seniors in Eindhoven on Sunday evening. The fire brigade turned out with several units, the building was evacuated for a short time. The cause of the fire is not yet known.

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    The fire started just before half past eight in the complex with 114 homes on the Amandelpark in the Vaartbroek district, in the north of Eindhoven.

    Multiple corps
    Soon the fire was scaled up from ‘large’ to ‘very large’. The fire brigade from Geldrop, Helmond, Oirschot, Son en Breugel and Nuenen has been called to help.

    The fire raged on the top floor in several homes. The fire was under control around 10:30 am.

    Photo: Thomas Leppers
    Photo: Thomas Leppers

    Residents were taken care of in a nearby community center. Some of them received medical care. Several people were checked in the ambulance, one of them was taken to the hospital because he or she inhaled smoke. It concerns the occupant of one of the apartments where the fire started.

    Residents of lower floors were allowed to go home around ten o’clock. Six apartments are too badly damaged for that. It is unknown when the residents will be able to return home.

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