KooKoo upset Pelicans, HIFK won in Turku

Friday’s League round produced only one home win.

Patrik Bartošák was made into cheese with holes. AOP/Vesa Pöppönen

A round of six matches was played in the league on Friday.

Pelicans got the worst start of the evening, and their feathers were ruffled in front of the home crowd, when KooKoo, who lives in Lahti, scored four goals in a brisk 15 minutes. Kouvola’s most effective player has been Linus Andersson Passed the 1–0 hit and nailed the 3–0 himself Emil Molin.

Heikki Liedensen the 4–0 goal finished with superiority was forced by the Pelicans commander Tommi Niemelän to act and change their goals Patrik Bartošák. Maal was sent to the mouth Jasper Patrikainen.

KooKoo eventually won the match 5–1.

Oulun Kärpät was also in trouble at the beginning, losing 0-2 against KalPa in the opening set. The people of Oulu, however, came alongside and passed in the final set. The away team was saved in overtime by a 3–3 equalizer in 57:12 Aapeli Räsänen. Kärpät won the match with a game-winning goal.

In Turku, the crisis team HIFK took its third consecutive victory when it defeated Tepsi with 3–0 goals. He scored the game-winning goal in the second period Otto Paajanen. He saved the game with a goal from the Helsinki team Niilo Halonen.

You can find the statistics of all matches in Iltalehti’s results service.