On Wednesday (November 23) it became known that Kontra K was being investigated for allegedly trying to smuggle 100 kilograms of cannabis into Germany. On the same day he commented on an Instagram story and seemed relaxed. The rapper is currently preparing for his “The Sun Against” tour, which begins on November 29 in Freiburg.

    According to reports, Maximilian Diehn, Kontra K’s real name, used an encrypted cell phone from “EncroChat”, which was cracked by the authorities. The profile, which was registered under the name “Massive Human,” was said to be identified as the rapper’s account based on the password. Kontra K is said to have discussed there with a colleague to attack a music manager.

    He responded to the allegations: “While half the world is wondering whether the fox stole the goose: I have no idea. I certainly don’t. I’ll do the important things, we’ll prepare the tour. It’s going to be awesome… and it starts on Monday. Much love from me – and only believe what you really see. And yes, love you.”

    In an interview with Focus, Kontra K told the radio station “BigFm”in July 2019 of his childhood and youth that his father had been the most consistent part of this time, although he was not a “standard citizen“ was. As the rapper puts it, his father was in “old Berlin circles” and was suspected several times, but there were never more than just suspicions. “I can be in the underworld as long as I don’t deal with people who commit crimes I don’t identify with: trafficking in women, trafficking in children, drugs – these are all things that no man should do. But if someone digs a tunnel into a bank and clears it out, then I stand by and applaud,” he added.

    We interviewed the rapper on June 30, 2022 about his Ukrainian roots, the anti-war song “Stop Wars” and his life as a father.