Katja Ståhl is interested in studying a special field

Media personality Katja Ståhl has worked 18-hour days in her career and learned the hard way how to push boundaries. “More money, less fluff” is now the motto of the award-winning presenter.

Katja Ståhl, 54, dreamed of an acting career following in her father’s footsteps. Ståhl once aspired to the Theater Academy, but after that he had to reconsider his career direction.

– I lost my voice, completely, says Ståhl.

– I used my voice wrongly, but it worked in a restaurant. You had to shout there and there was a lot of smoke. It was that combination, says Ståhl.

A year and a half long speech therapy treatment followed.

Over the decades, Ståhl’s voice has become familiar to Finns, as has his face. Ståhl, who has created a versatile career, was awarded in January at the Venla gala as the first host of the year in history.

Katja Ståhl was awarded as host of the year at the Venla gala. The prize was awarded for the first time in history. Atte Kajova

The song of my life program’s host has been meaningful to Ståhl.

In the program piloted by Ståhl, famous guests guess what everyone’s “life song” is. At the same time, guests often reveal something new about themselves through an important song.

– You cannot see what has happened to a person from the outside. There are people who don’t want to give of themselves and then the story is thinner. Everyone has their own traumas and there is a reason why not everyone wants to open up. But often it (the program) changes the perception of a person, Ståhl describes.

The presenter himself has hoped for the politician Paavo Väyry to join the program, but he has so far refused. Otherwise, guests do not need to be lured into their favorite program.

– At the sports gala, there was roughly a couple of people behind me who hoped to join the program. I don’t choose guests, Ståhl laughs.

Although the Venla award warms Ståhl’s heart, he mainly hopes that it will provide enough work gigs in the future. Maybe the prices of the rewards could be adjusted a bit, he thinks.

Katja Ståhl is an award-winning host. He also values ​​free time and likes to spend a lot of time with his Gösta dog, for example. Inka Soveri

The ranking order is fine

Ståhl has not been thirsty for mere popularity.

– I think it’s really risky to rely on popularity or status. Then you lean on the wrong things. My children are the only thing that matters. You have to have your own order of values ​​in order, so that you don’t start crying over something that happened. It’s nothing but a bad mood, Ståhl begins.

– Sometimes you notice that old TV stars get upset when young people take their place. I think it (the arrival of young people) is completely self-evident. Of course, it’s nice to have an older gang on the screen, but I’m not a pre-fighter person at all. If Jaana Pelkonen replaces me, she will probably come. It’s not that tragic, Ståhl reflects.

Ståhl doesn’t want to cry over the past. Inka Soveri

Ståhl says that Maria Veitola has run through the truth that you can look and sound exactly the way you want on the TV screen.

– He has found it important. Rather, I’ve been a flirt, I should be thin and beautiful, but I’m not. I can’t bear to go there. If I don’t fit like this, I can’t bring myself to change because of other people’s opinions, Ståhl underlines.

Instead, he describes that he always tried to be himself.

– For an awful long time, it didn’t work because I wasn’t perfectly beautiful and interested in appearance. I am neither. I’m very little interested in looks, I’m interested in other things. On TV, it (appearance) has an awful lot of meaning, except now suddenly – this is how I’m accepted, says Ståhl.

He says that a change has happened The song of my life with the program.

– My inner world is more important, says Ståhl.

Left the radio

In the spring of last year, Ståhl left his day job as the host of Radio Nostalgia.

– I wasn’t going anywhere, I was just stomping on it. In the case of nostalgia, the music won’t change either, because there won’t be any more old music. I felt like I was going around the ring chasing my tail.

– I thought I have to stop before I start to really screw up. That’s what happens if you’re really bored, but don’t dare to let go, Ståhl reasons.

Ståhl admits that quitting was still a “daring leap”.

– I knew I could make it through the summer and the fire came in the fall The song of my lifei, which will get me through the beginning of the year. Something has to be invented and I think along the way, Ståhl describes.

Göstä dog and horse bring joy to Ståhl’s everyday life. Inka Soveri

The all-rounder in the media industry has had enough gigs as a host of panel discussions. Ståhl not only writes columns, he also works In the hoof association– the sequel to his book.

In the summer, Ståhlin The summer of my life program starts on the Yle Radio Suomi channel.

– I wouldn’t want to work anywhere, I’d rather work as a freelancer. I also really want a lot of time for my hobbies, explains Ståhl, who owns a dog and a horse.


There have also been times when free time has been a distant thought for Ståhl. Ståhl remembers the time when he was working Steep– program in the 90s.

– I’d rather be poor than work under a bad government, Ståhl says.

– I thought that working life must be like this. Such that it was not supported at all. Then he did such 18-hour days. Of course, it was a lot of my own fault when I didn’t know how to set boundaries. But I didn’t know, I just thought that the more I show, the better I am, says Ståhl.

Not even holidays accrued.

– There were so many people. Some things were cut until the morning. We were already so tired that we heard some noises. The senses were on their own, says Ståhl.

Katja Ståhl has decided that she will never work too much again. Inka Soveri

Before the birth of her children, Ståhl immersed herself in work, also while working at a record company. The work was meaningful, and no one was waiting at home.

– I’ve been exhausted. I’m not sure if it was burnout or depression or both. It was diagnosed as depression. I got it in the late 90s, Ståhl says.

He says that the whole disease was foreign to him, but the diagnosis made it easier already on a mental level.

– I thought I was wrong. I was shocked that how could I be such a complainer and whiner, even though I was doing really well, Ståhl describes his feelings at the time.

Ståhl reflects that the amount of work physically did not exhaust him, but rather the pressure and the used brain capacity. During his sick leave, Ståhl went to work once a week on the set of the Hurja jökua program.

– The moment of making the program was really cool, but all 23 hours around it were murder. I just wanted to sleep, says Ståhl.

Now Ståhl leans into the limits he has drawn.

– I will never work too much again. That thing has been seen. More money, less dune – and meaningful dune! That is my guiding principle, Ståhl emphasizes.

To study

Ståhl is happy that his works consist of currently interesting pieces. He constantly wants to learn new things.

– My riding coach described that I am like a huge funnel into which all information is poured, and I absorb it from there, Ståhl laughs.

Ståhl also has big plans to feed his thirst for knowledge.

– I have even thought about going to study. I would be very interested in exploring the future. But it’s under the business school, so… do I have to aspire to be a merchant now? Ståhl laughs and says that he hates the idea of ​​a business school.

– It may be that at some point I will go to study something, he says.

Another surprising study path has also reared its head. It has surprised, above all, Ståhl himself.

– This is really sick, but I hated mathematics in high school, but I have become interested in mathematics. I want to solve things, says Ståhl.

He describes that he is in his element when solving crosswords, puzzles, solitaire or mahjong while playing an audiobook in his headphones.

– Then the different hemispheres of the brain work. It’s the perfect space!

Does Ståhl have any plans to start a new career?

– It kind of depends on what gets you excited. I don’t think so, because I have no hope that I will become something. More important is that knowledge. I’ve done everything in my life, everything has been fun at some point, says Ståhl.

Katja Ståhl always wants to learn something new. In the photo, the media personality has a few-month-old Gösta dog in his arms. Inka Soveri

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