Kat Snacky is back home after eight years: ‘He immediately responded to my voice’

It was an emotional reunion for Roy (47) from Tilburg and his cat Snacky. The animal ran away from home after a storm eight years ago. The owner thought he would never see his beloved pet again. Nevertheless, a foundation in Tilburg found Snacky again. And the cat appears to have not forgotten its master.

“After a storm and a lot of thunderstorms, Snacky ran away from home in 2014,” says owner Roy Stolk Reinprecht. “I didn’t see him after that. I thought he would be wandering around on the street or in other people’s houses.” It was therefore unexpected for the boss when he was called for his missing cat.

“I received a call that I could pick up Snacky at Stichting Zwerfkat in Tilburg. They had found him in Kaatsheuvel, 16 kilometers away. They don’t know how he got there. I was very happy to see Snacky again. went to pick up and said something, he immediately responded to my voice. It was emotional,” says the owner.

The foundation writes on Facebook that Snacky was meowing in the trap, which would indicate that he is not feral. Snacky would also have been fed in several places and he would have had a place to sleep in a barn where the cat also got food.

Snacky is now home and the pet is doing well. “He is in quarantine to get used to our house again, but he is now 17 years old so he can retire with us.”

Roy is going to take measures to prevent him from losing his cat again. “On Friday they will measure everything and then there will be a cat run in the garden as soon as possible because we don’t want to lose it again.”

The Zwerfkat Foundation writes on Facebook about the reunion between cat and owner.